The birth number is the most important

Your “Lucky Day” and How to Find it

Your “Lucky Day” and How to FThe birth number is the most important ind it

The birth number is the most important when the individual wants to carry out his won plans.

For eample: A person we will say born on the 1st of a month will find for all general purposes that if he or she will use all dates making the Number One series, such as the 1ar, 10th, 19th or 28th of any month, especially during what is called the “ period of the 1” and “the period of the 2”, namely, form June 21s to July 20th (period of the 2) and from July 21st to August 20th (period of the 1), they will have a far better chance of carrying out their plans successfully than if they did not follow this rule and id not know what dates to use for the best.

This is quite independent of any other rule and I strongly recommend it.

To get a still more powerful vibration, I have advised that persons should try to make the number of their name (when they have worked out the letters of it by what is called the Mystic or Ancient Hebrew Alphabet) the same series as the number that is given by their birth date, and I have explained in a previous chapter how to do this by adding a letter to their name or taking away a letter, as the case may be. If these two numbers agree or are in harmony with one another, then they should use the date that is given to commence anything important or endeavour to carry out their plans on that number which is indicated. They must, however, bear in mind that any number of the series they belong to is equally important.

Example – The person born on the 1st of the month will find the 10th, 19th or 28th of equal importance to the number 1 on which they were born and so on with every other birth number.

Naturally, when people being to follow this idea, they must not expect ot find their luck change in an instant, as if by magic. I have several letters before me as I write, where the writers expected their “luck” to change for the better within twenty-four hours. A few months ago there was one man who wrote that “at the end of a week he had found no change in his bad luck” but at the end of three months the same man again wrote to say that towards the middle of the third month he began to notice a distinct improvement in all his affairs.

Some of the writers have also apparently not grasped the example I gave in working out the number of the name of a man I called “John Smith”. I stated in a previous chapter that if “John Smith” wanted to find out a favourable date to ask his employer for an increase in his wages he should add the umbers given by the name “John Smith” together, then add the single number of the date he wanted to know about and lastly to add the single number o the date he wanted to know about and lastly to add his birth number. The result was a total of 15 and the last compound number with 6 as the last single number. I said: “ Look up what I have given as the symbolism of the 15 and you will find it stated ‘for obtaining money, gifts and favours from others, it is a fortunate number,’ and therefore the date “John Smith” wanted to see his employer would be a favourable date for him to make his request.

This was given only as an illustration of finding out if one particular date would be likely to be favourable for that special purpose, but I never intended this to be employed to the exclusion of the other definite rule for continual action all through the year on the seies given by the Birth number, such as for a number 1 person to use all dates that make a 1, as the 1st, 10th, etc.

It will be noticed that in the latter case the rule is individual or personal; in the” John Smith” case another life, namely the employer, was also concerned and in consequence the rule given would not work out with such certainty.