Wisdome of Nature

Wisdome of Nature

Planet of the Love

The planet  Venus is known magically as the planet of love. She rules the astrological sign of Libra and Taurus. although she will exert an influence upon every sing of the zodiac according to her placement in the birth chart. To find out where Venus is in your own chart, you will need to consult an astrology. You can then refer to the details below to gain insights into how the planet of love influences your relationships.

Venus in Aries:
Passionate by nature,impulsive in love,Aries Venusians have a strong sexual drive, which they have to satisfy. They are loyal and lively friends, with lots of energy for creative projects. They have high physical energy

Venus in Taurus:
Venus is exalted in Taurus, being its ruler. Taurus Venusians are loving, kind, generous, sensitive and romantic. They have a strong tie to their family, which can lead to possessiveness. They are lovers of good food and company.

Venus in Gemini:
Gemini Venusians are good at communicating in relationships. They are not emotionally deep people, and this can lead to certain difficulties within personal relationships. They are fun friends and lively company.

Venus in Cancer:
Canserian Venusians are sensitive and kind, being in their element when they are needed. They can often feel insecure and be needy with a partner, which can be stifling in a relationship. They are sometimes moody when things do not go their way, but are gentle and caring.

Venus in Leo:
The amorous Leo Venusian enjoy attention from admires and colorful relationships. Loyal partners, creative by nature, Leo Venusians are drawn to the creative arts, living and opulent and interesting lifestyle. They need to guard against being too imposing in relationships. They are lovers of luxury.

Venus in Virgo:
It is important for Virgo Venusians to learn to be loving and kind in relationships and to guard against being overly critical with partners. Financial concerns in relationships will feature strongly with Virgo Venusians; they find it easier to be practical rather than emotional. They are responsible and genuine.

Venus in Libra:
Libra, like Taurus, is ruled by the planet Venus and so is also exalted in Libra, which means that it increases the Venusian influence in the chart, Libra Venusians are romantic and affectionate, and are often idealistic about relationships. Libra Venusians need to feel loved and honored. They are kind and gentle.

Venus in Scorpio:
The Scorpio Venusians are usually enticing and alluring, having a magnetic effect upon others, drawing lovers into their lives, they are enigmatic and neet to temper the intensity of sexual desires.

Venus in Sagittarius:
This placement mean that, above all, Sagittarian Venusians need to feel free within any relationship, having an urge for excitement, stimulation, and an enthusiastic partner. They are fun- loving and interesting. This sign loves variety, is warm and friendly, and will most likely be highly individual.

Venus in Aquarius:
Aquarian Venusians have a tendency to be cool emotionally, sometimes even distant. They may find it hard to chose a partner, because they attract such interest with their magnetism. They seek the higher good for everyone they know.

Venus in Pisces :
Here is the emotional placing of Venus, with Pisces Venusians being completely governed by what they feel. They are extremely romantic and will give up anything for love,often falling into the trap of being in love with love, just so that they can enjoy the feeling. They are kind and sympathetic.


The Messenger of Love

The universe is rich in the myriad ways that its speaks to us. This is revealed as we learn the language of the heart. To develop the heart, we must genuine respect for all life, taking only what we need, with reverence and humility. Once the heart is open, sentient life will begin to speak in a different and beautifully simple way. For example, choose a flower that draws your eye and sit or stand close to it. Ask the deva ( flower spirit) of the flower to come forward and commune with you- perhaps even help you with a problem that you have. Open yourself to be receptive, and wait patiently. The flower may need something from you too, so be prepared to give as well as receive!

With practice, you will find messages coming to you from many place in nature. Say ” thank you” for what ever you receive, and smile, because smiling is a great way of melting the heart into love.
Each flower can have hundreds of meanings, depending upon who is asking the question. The flower meanings listed below should not be read as anything more than fun; the real truth is revealed by whatever you share with each spirit of the plant kingdom.

Angelica – You love inspire me

Buttercup – You are beautiful

Daffodil – Feelings are not reciprocated

Ivy tendrils – Friendship and respect

Love-lies-bleeding – You ave broken my heart

Magnolia – perseverance will bring better things

Mallow – I am devoted to you

Orange blossom – Pure love

Pink Carnation –  A meeting will come soon

Red rose – I love you passionately

Rosemary – Remembering departed loved ones

Tulips – Our love is hopeless

Verbena – You are my only love for now and always

Violet – My first sweet love

Animal Messengers

Certain animals have associations with the goddesses of love. These include the bee, the dolphin and fishes, the dove, the sparrow, the Swan, the bluebird, the white sow, the heron, the sheep, the goat, the peacock, and the lynx and other wild cats.

Birds have been used in auguries (predicting events ) by our ancestors and can still be called upon today to help answer questions. Speak to the bird tribe by going to a wild place and, with a hand upon your heart, call to them to help you. Wait patiently and a bird will connect with you. Watch, and listen to its message. Generally speaking, if a bird flies past to your left it means “no”, and if it flies past to your right it means “yes”. The birds listed here seem to like speaking to humans. Discover what they are saying to you personally by being quiet and listening.

Blackbird ; Listen to your soul, the inner voice

Dove ; never forget that you are loved

Goose ; a move or change is imminent

Lone Crow; do not be afraid of spiritual change

One Magpie ; be careful, something is not right

Two Magpies ; joy is yours

An Owl ; to your left , a change or lose

An Owl ; to your right, wisdom and understanding are the key

Pigeon ; the way will be shown to you; some sacrifice may be necessary.

Skylark ; celebrate your life with joyful voice

Sparrow ; friendship and happiness come with simplicity, don’t gossip

Starling ; be discriminating, keep ideas and opinions to yourself at the moment

Woodpecker ; keep focused upon your goal regardless of opposition, but be flexible

Wren you have the courage to survive in the big wide world

A bird coming into the house signifies a move for one of the residents soon. A black-colored bird knocking on glass is generally an omen.


The bee

The bee (hymenoptera) is a scared symbol of the goddess of love. Aphrodite was also known as melissa ( the Queen bee ), and demetr was sometimes referred to as the grea mother bee

The ant

Ants are always busy and active, and as such are scared symbols of the harvest Goddesse. Their activities below and above ground  are seen to mirror their ability to move between the underworld and middle world of earth.

The dolphin and fishes

The fish is an ancient symbol of the love goddess, as are the oceans and sweater, salt, and seashells. Fish are said to be an aphrodisiac. The dolphin derives its name from dolphins. The dolphin represents demeter in her sea goddess form and the snake represents her in earth goddess form.

The dove

The dove have long associations with Aphrodite and Venus. a sexual symbol to followers of Aphrodite, she was a holy bird of peace and the holy spirit to Jewes and later Christians

The Swan

The swan is a bird scared to the love goddess. it has the ability o carry the soul to the spirit world. in Saxon legend, Lohengrin was also known as the swan knight- protector of women. But Swans are often a symbol of love or fidelity because of their long-lasting, apparently monogamous relationships. Swans feature strongly in mythology. In Greek mythology, the story of Leda and the Swan recounts that Helen of troy was conceived in a union of Zeus disguised as a swan and Leda, Queen of Sparta. Other references in classical literature include the belief that upon death the otherwise-silent mute Swan would sing beautifully—hence the phrase Swan song, as well as Juvenal’s sarcastic reference to a good woman being a “rare bird, as rare on earth as a black swan”, from which we get the Latin phrase ara Swans, rare bird. The mute swan is also one of the sacred birds of Apollo, whose associations stem both from the nature of the bird as a symbol of light as well as the notion of a “swan song”. The god is often depicted riding a chariot pulled by or composed of swans in his ascension from Delos.

The white Sow

The white sow, a female pig, is scared to demeter, and is an ancient symbol of the love goddess. White sow in Hindu culture, is a Ghost from the devil.

The Peacock

Scared to juno the goddess of Wisdom, peacock feathers represent the eye of the goddess and her stary domain. Very important that in Hindu culture the peacock is the mount of the Lord Kartikeya, the god of war. A demon king Surapadman, was split into two by Karthikeya and the merciful lord converted the two parts as an integral part of himself, one becoming a peacock and another a rooster adoring his flag. The peacock displays the divine shape of Omkara when it spread its magnificent plu,es into a full=blown circular form. In hindu believe peacock feathers also adorn the crest of Lord Krishna, an avatar of Lord Vishnu, one of the trimurti. Ancient Greek believed that the  flesh of peafowl did not decay after death, so it became a symbol of immortality.