What is Moon Astrology

What is Moon Astrology

Astrology has always been a vast concept with lots of channels and modes to find out someone’s’ exact future predictions. Moon astrology a.k.a. Lunar Astrology is one of the globally adopted forms of astrology that is based on the Moon’s position at the time and place of someone’s birth. According to moon astrology, moon covers the earth orbit in 28 days in four parts; hence moon’s stage at the time of birth determines someone’s persona and his future. Moon astrology relates to your personality and how you perceive others in your mind. It doesn’t reflect other’s feelings towards you as an individual, but it’s all about your inside and your perception about others.

So, Moon astrology is a way to find out personal happenings inside our mind and soul. Around the world, astrologers discover about the changes happening in Moon’s planetary position, and how it’s going to reflect the individuality of human beings born in that period. Out of four phases of Moon’s 28 days orbit, each phase describes about the character and independence of person born in that period. Out of all the planets of our zodiac sky, moon is an important one that completes its whole cycle in just 28 days, so its predictions are also based on 28 days, unlike Sun or other planets Vedic forecasts that may belong to a longer period. Here’re the short synopsis of Moon’s four phases and their personas:

First Phase from 1–7.5 days: First phase symbolizes the birth, beginning, and freshness in life. This is the period when Moon is almost invisible to human eyes and moves with the sun, so according to astrologers, person born in first phase of moon is enthusiastic and optimistic who loves to take challenges and always tries to initiate things.

Second Phase from 7.5 to 15 days: The second phase belongs from the beginning to half way mark. Moon is quite visible in this phase and persons born in the second moon phase are often socialized and pushy in their life.

Third Phase from 15 to 22.5 days: This is the moon phase when moon starts concealing from its peak planetary place. As moon starts diminishing in this phase, persons born in this phase rely on others support, and expect others to impart into their needs; hence these peoples are more demanding of friends and colleagues.

Fourth Phase from 22.5 to 28 days: This is the last phase of moon’s monthly cycle, so this phase indicates backwardness, breakups, and reconstructions. So, persons born in this phase are always problem solvers who love to sort out others troubles. These peoples are always concluding to unfinished tasks left by others.