What is Biblical Numerology?

What is Biblical Numerology?

What is Biblical Numerology?We are all familiar with the term numerology and how it associates numbers with all the things around us.

There are numbers in objects, in living things and people as well. Most of us use numerology to determine what governs our personality and how we interact with other people as well. There are different types of numerology today and one is Biblical Numerology.


Biblical Numerology


Biblical Numerology refers to the numbers that are found within the Bible that has its own meaning as well. The numbers that are found here refer to significant events and how they gained importance over the years. The numbers found in the Bible refer to the seven-fold human body that pertains to the potential of man to be divine and his soul to be spiritual as well. Over the years there are plenty of meanings that were associated with the numbers but there is a basis in all of them.


The Nine Numbers


There are nine numbers that refer to the human body found in the Bible. Each one of these has their own corresponding symbol and event that are present in the here and now. Here are their meanings according to the Bible.


The first one is the number 1 and symbolizes beginning of something. It is also considered as the start of creativeness by an individual. The number 2 is more about pairs. It refers to both male and female, heaven and hell, spirit and matter. It shows us that there you can always choose between the two. However the concept of duality can also bring danger. It is best that you have a clearer picture of the two. The number 3 represents the Trinity, triage, and triad. In the Bible, everything that happened to Jesus comes in three or its derivation. The three often represents growth or multiplication.


The number 4 is about law and order and because it is made up of straight lines like the number 7 they are referred to as the sacred numbers. A number that is composed of straight lines refer to the divine principle as well. The number 5 refers to mediation. It is the combination of the four elements earth, water, fire, and wind plus the fifth element which is spirit or ether. It also refers to the five senses of mankind including the sixth one which is intuition. The number 6 on the other hand refers to balance and harmony. It talks about universal love which can be manifested in our lives through marriage.


The number 7 is about rest and cessation without the actual ceasing of work. The number 8 refers to the cycle of life. It is not a number in the New Testament but rather found in the teachings of Buddha as well as those in the occult. The last number, which is 9, talks about completion. The numbers 3 and 6 when combined creates a powerful number.