Understanding the Life Path Periods

Understanding the Life Path Periods


Throughout the whole of our lives, it is being said that there will be three major stages that we will have to go through, and these stages are called the Life Path Periods.  The Life Path Periods provide a far more bigger influence than the Key Cyclic Vibrations.  So, what are these Life Path Periods that can highly influence an individual’s life?


The First Life Path Period


It is said that the Life Path Period starts as soon as you enter the world, and this is at birth.  This period stretches from your infancy until you are a young adult, and this is being characterized by your school years as well as any jobs that you might have done as a young adult.  The First Life Path Period serves as the foundation for the next step, so anything that might have happened to you during the first period highly influences the Second Life Path Period.


The Second Life Path Period


Now, what comprise the Second Life Path Period are the middle years between your being a young adult and your being an elder.  This is also being said as the most productive stage of the Life Path Period because this encompasses not only your social life as an adult which includes your career and work, but this also encompasses your family life wherein you share your life with your partner in raising children, if you are married and have children.  Furthermore, the Second Life Path Period is also a stage where you grow and get to experience what life really is all about, its trials and hardships as well as its joys and laughter.  Now, whatever experience you might have had in the First Life Path Period highly influences the way you react and interact with people and experiences in your Second Life Path Period.


The Third Life Path Period


In this last stage of the Life Path Period, you are now who and what you are based on what happened and how you reacted during the first two Life Path Periods.  This is also the stage where you have accumulated wisdom and knowledge, and it is also considered the stage wherein you can still reflect, make amends, and settle any struggles or concerns you might still carry.  The Third Life Path Period will go on until the rest of your life.


Knowing this is important because a person get to learn from each Life Path Period, no matter where he is at the moment.