The Planets

The Planets

The Planets

While most stars in the sky stay in the same place in relation to each other, the ancients observed that a few stars moved independent that a few stars moved independently of the others. With the development of science and technology, we now know that these so-called ‘MOVING STARS’, are actually planets

Mercury,Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. Genuine stars, like our Sun, give off light, but planets merely reflect light.
Gradually, over many generations of campfire stories and folk-lore traditions, mythologies emerged explaining these ‘moving stars’ people observed the daily events in their communities,especially ones that dramatically affected their lives such as war or famine, and compared these events with the activities in the night sky.
Early humans generally worshiped many deities- gods and goddesses associated with different powers. Each deity had authority over a particular activity of daily life.

Neptune, for example, was the god of the sea, he ruled storms and protected sailors.

In modern times, we call the planets in our solar system by names associated with deities from Roman mythology. This is a list of planets and the Roman deities they are named for

Mercury: Named after the messenger between heaven and earth, Mercury is the planet closet to the Sun

Venus : Named after the goddess of love and beauty, Venus shines brightly near the horizon at dusk and dawn

Mars : Named after the god of war, Mars is a fiery,red planet

Jupiter : Named after the king of gods, Jupiter is the largest planets in the solar system

Saturn : Named after the father of all the gods, Saturn is the last visible planet in the sky

The people of long ago observed the heaven with only the naked eye. The invention of the telescope revealed new activity in our solar system, and three distant planets were eventually discovered. Scientists decided to continue the tradition of naming planets after deities, and these more recently discovered planets were named Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto
Uranus : Named for the most ancient of gods, the father of Saturn, Uranus was the first distant planet to be discovered.
Neptune : Named after the god of the ocean, Neptune is surrounded by a sea of mysterious, vaporous gasses.
Pluto : Named after the god of the underworld ( the after-life of Roman mythology ), Pluto is the most distant planet.


The Elements

Ancient Greek recognized the importance of four basic substance in nature which supported all life – ,earth, water, fire, and air. They called these substances ‘the elements’ because they were so fundamental, or elemental, to life. Thorough careful observation of these substances, noting the appearance, manner and function of each one, people became aware of distinct characteristics of each element. Here are some qualities  or personality traits associated with each elements;

EARTH; practicality, stability, materialism

WATER: emotion, intuition, changeability

FIRE: passion, creativity, enthusiasm

AIR: communication, activity, intelligence



The ancients also observed that events in life happen over time and involving a beginning stage, a middle period and an ending. Each stage has distinctive characteristics or energy. A planet beginning to emerge from a seed, for example, has one kind of energy, while the planet in full bloom is quiet different. The planet in the dormant stage is different again.

In astrology these types of energy are called ‘qualities’, and are named ‘Cardinal’ mutable and fixed. Cardinal means fundamental, suggesting the basic energy at the beginning of a process. Mutable means changeable, relating to a middle  period when changes take place. fixed means firm or permanent and suggests a final stage of development.

Each Zodiac constellation or sign, is linked to one of these three qualities

Cardinal : Cardinal suggests the beginning of a matter or event and is associated with dynamic, initiating and assertive qualities. Aries, Cancer,  Libra and Capricorn are cardinal sign

Mutable : Mutable suggests the middle of a matter or event and is associated with flexible, changeable and adaptable qualities. Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces are mutable signs

Fixed : Fixed suggests the ending stage of a matter or event and is associated with unchangeable, persistent and enduring qualities. Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius are fixed signs


The Zodiac

Each sign is analyzed by its ruling planet,element,quality and polarity along with it’s ‘Key phrase’ and ‘Key words’. These are phrases and words which suggest a ‘key’ to under standing the nature of each astrological sign. Next is how individuals of the sign often often behave in relationships, their physical appearance and constitution and the career they are drawn to. Finally the colour, gemstone, metal, and animal and lucky day for each sign is suggested.


key phrase: I am

Ruling Planet : Mars

Elements : Fire

Quality : Cardinal

Polarity : Positive

Symbol : The ram

Key words : Energetic,enthusiastic, important, impulsive, self- centred, outspoken, pioneering, adventurous, competitive, confident, direct, capable of leadership.

Relationship : Warm, passionate Aries is hasty and forceful, and possessive or protective of loved ones. Independent and headstrong in relationships, the Aries have the a short attention span and seek constant stimulation.

Health : Aries rules the head, face,nose and muscles. The Aries has a strong body and can endure pain, but may be prone to headaches, inflammation and accidents.

Appearance : Aries individuals tend to be of medium height and build, with bold, sharp or angular features, such as a prominent nose, chin or ears. The Aries often has red or sandy-colored hair and wears strong colors.

Gemstone : Bloodstone

Flower : Thistle,honeysuckle

Animals : Gazelle, cheetah,greyhound, other fast animals

Colour : Red

Metal : Iron

Lucky Day : Monday



Key phrase : I have

Puling planet : Venus

Element : Earth

Quality : Fixed

Polarity : Negative

Symbol : The Bull

Key words : Reliable, loyal, practical, stubborn, nature-loving slow to change, rigid, quiet, gentle, materialistic, musical.

Relationship : Domestic and sensual Taurus loves creature comforts and easily pleased. Although slow to form relationships, the Taurus is very loyal and capable of enduring attachments.

Health : Taurus rules the neck, throat and the thyroid gland. A Taurus is strong and healthy, but can be prone to sore throats, laryngitis and obesity

Appearance : Solidly build Taurus is of short to medium height and often has a square- set face and jaw thick hair, a rounded nose and full lips. The Taurus enjoys clothing of good quality and often dresses conservatively, but may be overweight in later years.

Career : Drawn to a career as a gardener, carpenter, accountant, banker, architect, musician, ginger, jewellery or sculptor, the Taurus learn slowly and does not like too much structure.

Gemstone : Emerald, diamond

Animals : Cattle

Flowers : pink rose, poppy, daisy

Metal : copper

Colors : Green, brown, pink, pastels

Lucky day : Friday



Key Phrase : I think

Ruling planet : Mercury

Element : Air

Quality : Mutable

Polarity : Possitive

Symbol ; The twins

Key words : lovely, talktative,adaptabel, versatile, Multi faced, unemotional, expressive, independent, funny, mentally active, high-strung and two – sided,

Rlationhips : The Gemini is often flirtation and may be inconstant or changeable in relationships. Good communication is  important in all that they do.

Health : Gemini rules the arms, chest, shoulders, lungs and nervous system. The Gemini may have a weak constitution and be prone to colds, lungs infection or asthma as well as mental problems or nervous exhaustion.

Appearance : Of medium height with a slim build and long arms and l egs, t he Gemini has balanced, attractive features with bright eyes, restless expression and animated gestures.

Career : Drawn to a career as a writer, journalist, sales representative, linguist, model, dancer, entertainer, teacher, secretary, flight attendant or travel consultant,versatile Gemini enjoys stimulation and activity at work, but can also become scattered.

Gemstone : Agate

Flowers : lily of the valley, lavender.

Animals : Monkey, talking birds such as parrots

Colors : Yellow and silver

Metal : Quicksilver, mercury

Lucky day : Wednesday



Key phrase : I feel

Ruling planet : Moon

Element : Water

Quality : Cardinal

Polarity : Negative

Symbol : The crab

Key words : Caring, sensitive, intuitive, domestic, home-loving, protective, emotional, changeable,traditional, mothering, affectionate, a collector, insecure, moody, quiet, serious, sentimental, a good listener, patriotic and anxious. The Cancer has a good memory, but may dwell on the past.

Relationships : Sensitive, caring and affectionate in relationships, the Cancer enjoys taking care of others and being taken care of. The Cancer often cooks and entertains in the home or eats out with friends.

Health : Cancer rules the breasts and the digestive tract. Prone to gastric disorders, heartburn, ulcers or weight gain, regular rhythmic exercise such as swimming or dancing is ideal for this sign.

Appearance : Of short to medium build with fine fair hair and  pale skin the Cancer has soft, rounded features and may be pleasingly plump.

Career : Drawn to the career of chef, caterer, server, antiques dealer, realtor, social worker,accountant, nurse, historian or museum curator, the Cancer is loyal, hard working, systematic and values security.

Gemstone : Moonstone, pearl.     Flower : White rose, lilies.

Animals  : Turtles and clams, shell- covered creatures

Colours : Silver and pale blue   Metal : Silver

Lucky day : Monday



Key phrase : I will

Ruling planet : Sun

Element : Fire

Quality  : Fixed  Polarity : positive

Symbol  : The lion

Key words : Loyal, proud, determined, generous, theatrical, affectionate, fun-loving,attention- seeking,dramatic, humorous and slow to mature.

Relationships : Loving, thoughtful, and generous in relationships, Leo is playful and fun to be with, but require attention and respect. The Leo can be self centred

Health : Leo rules the spine and heart. The Leo has a strong constitution, but may be prone to heart and back problems

Appearance : Medium to tall in height, the Leo has thick blonder or red hair and a square face with strong features. The Leo has a proud manner and dresses face with drama and flair. A Leo may gain weight in later years.

Career : Drawn to a career as an actor, artist, entertainer, executive, jewelry maker or youth worker, Leo native seek self- expression and leadership roles at work.

Gemstone : Amber, ruby

Flower : Marigold, sunflower

Animals : Lions, cat family

Metal : Gold

Colors : Orange, gold, rich colors

Lucky day : Sunday



Key phrase : I analyze

Ruling planet : Mercury

Element : Earth

Quality : Mutable

polarity : Negative

Symbol : The virgin

Key words : Intelligent, analytical, modest, diligent, orderly, restless, practical, anxious, critical, capable, adaptable, lacking in confidence.

Relationships : The Virgo can be shy and inhibited or earthy and sensual. This sign enjoys witty conversation.

Health : Virgo rules the abdomen and intestines. Conscious of diet and lifestyle, the Virgo retains a youthful appearance. This sign is prone to indigestion, intestinal

problems, anxiety disorders and hypochondria.

Appearance : The Virgo in medium to tall with a slender build, prominent eyes and a serious expression. Virgo like neat, tailored clothes and small detailed patterns.

Career : The Virgo is drawn to a career as a secretary, nurse, accountant, writer, librarian, dentist, computer operator, therapist, nutritionist or crafts person.

Gemstone : Onyx, sapphire

Colour : Navy blue, green

Flower : Forget-me-not, buttercup, small bright flowers

Animals: Domestic pets

Metal : Mercury

lucky day : wednesday