Meaning of Ten Planets

The Planets parts -2


Key phrase : I balance

Ruling planet : Venus

Element : Air

Quality : Cardinal

Polarity : Positive

Symbol : The Scales

Key words : Charming, friendly, polite, indecisive, refined, gracious, well- balanced, sociable, cool, romantic, peace-loving, but sometimes lacking emotional depth.

Relationship : Romantic partnership are very important to attractive, popular and sociable Libra. This sign avoids disharmony and unpleasant situations. At times Libra can be fickle.

Health : Libra rules the kidneys, bladder and lower back. The Libra generally has a good constitution, but may develop illnesses of the kidneys, adrenal glands and bladder.

Appearance : medium to tall in height, the Libra is attractive and well- groomed with balanced features, an oval face and smooth skin.

Career : Drawn to a career as a lawyer, judge, counselor, artist, musician, florist, model, receptionist, or stylist, the Libra enjoys stimulating work, but does not like to get dirty.

Gemstone : Jade

Metal : Copper

Flower : peony, large roses,big, full flowers

Animals : Swans,small reptiles

Color : Pink, pale green

Lucky day : Friday



Key phrase : I desire

Ruling planet : Pluto

Element : Water

Quality : Fixed

Polarity : Negative

Symbol : The Scorpion

Key words : Determined, intuitive, possessive, intense, emotional, passionate, secretive, sensual, shrewd, powerful, controlled, magnetic, resilient, psychic

Relationship : Loyal, protective and serious in nature, the Scorpio is sensual and has strong emotions, but can be jealous or possessive.

Health : Scorpio rules the bowels and the reproductive organs. The Scorpio has a very strong constitution and excellent recuperative ability. This sign may be attracted to intuitive or mystical healing. The Scorpio is prone to bowel problems or diseases related to the reproductive organs and may be prone to psychological illnesses.

Appearance : The Scorpio has a stocky build with a square jaw, strong features, deep-set pr large rounded eyes and a penetrating expression.

Career : The Scorpio is drawn to a career as a stockbroker, detective, police officer, research scientist, surgeon, military officer,midwife, therapist, psychiatrist, lifeguard, butcher, tax collector or undertaker.

Gemstone : Opal

Flowers : Geranium, rhododendron

Animals : Insects and invertebrates

Metal : Steel

Colors : Black and red, intense color

Lucky day : Tuesday


Key words : I understand

Ruling planet : Jupiter

Element : Fire

Quality : Mutable

Polarity : Positive

Symbol : The archer

Key words : Outspoken, lively, optimistic, humorous, adventurous, affectionate, independent, extroverted, inconsistent, changeable

Relationships : Warm, funny, affectionate, Sagittarius is popular and loves adventure and freedom. However, the Sagittarius may be fickle and changeable in relationships

Health : Sagittarius rules the liver, hips and thighs. Sagittarius tend to over do things and may be careless about looking after themselves. Prone to high blood pressure or diseases of the liver, the Sagittarius may also experience obesity later in life.

Appearance : The Sagittarius may be short or tall in stature and is often slim in youth and overweight in adulthood. Happy and lively, the Sagittarius has a long face, broad smile and a direct open expression with thick, dark or red hair. Males of the sign may be bald later in life

Career : The Sagittarius is drawn to career as an entertainer, comedian writer, professor, teacher, priest, government worker. travel agent, taxi driver or jockey.

Gemstone : Topaz

Flowers : Dandelion, carnation

Animals : Horse, deer, all hunted animals.

Color : Rich purple, dark blue

Metal ; Tin

Lucky day : Thursday



Key phrase : I use

Ruling Planet : Saturn

Element : Earth

Quality : Cardinal

Polarity : Negative

Symbol : The goat

Key words : Sensible, reliable, wise, reserved,cautious, ambitious, hardworking,determined, sensual, insure, moralistic.
Relationships : Honest, serious and sensual Capricorn loyal and caring, but can be insecure and fearful. At time this sign may have diffuculty letting  go.

Health : Capricorn rules skin, bones, knees and joints. The Capricorn has good endurance, but may appear frail and weak. Capricorn individuals are prone to childhood illnesses and chronic diseases. They are also prone to arthritis, skin and bone ailments, knee injuries and depression.

Appearance : The Capricorn is often is short to medium build with a thin, bony frame, pale skin, fine hair, small facial features, thin lips and a serious expression. Capricorns may look old when young and then young when they are old.

Career : Well-organized and ambitious, the Capricorn is an excellent manager of people and finance and is drawn to a career as a judge, banker,insurance agent,engineer, lawyer or civil servant.

Gemstone : Jet

Flower : Pansy. ivy

Metal ; Lead

Animal : The goats and other cloven-hoofed animal

Color : Grey,dark brown, olive green

Lucky day : Saturday



Key phrase : I know

Ruling planet : Uranus

Element : Air

Quality : Fixed

Polarity : Positive

Symbol : The water- bearer

Key words : Friendly, humane, intelligent, original, impersonal,detached, eccentric, stubborn,  opinionated, lively, progressive, inventive.

Relationships : Independent Aquarius enjoys friends and acquaintances and is very comfortable in group situations. Slow to form close attachments, but loyal once involved, this sign may have unusual relationships. The Aquarius may have difficulty with intimacy and prefer intellectual exchange to emotional expression.

Health : Aquarius rules the legs.ankle and circulation. The Aquarius may be prone to accident and nervous disorders such as mental illness and epilepsy

Appearance : Tall, slim Aquarius has thick medium to dark coloured hair and attractive, even features. An Aquarius may be eccentric in dress or appearance

Career : The Aquarius drawn to a career as a pilot, electrician, Astrologer, scientist, entertainer, computer programmer, environmentalist or social activist.

Gemstone : Aquamarine

Metal : Platinum

Flower : Orchid

Animal : Birds

Colours : Electric blue. turquoise

Lucky day : Saturday



Key phrase : I believe

Ruling planet : Neptune

Element : Water

Quality : Mutable

Polarity : Negative

Symbol : Two fish

Key words : Sensitive, emotional, artistic. visionary, confused, self- sacrificing, kind, compassionate,introverted, vague, devotional, moody, dual-natured
Relationships : Sensitive, emotional and sensual Pisces can be inconsistent very devoted and selfless, or evasive and elusive. Pisces can become overly- dependent on others

Health : Pisces rules the feet and lymphatic system. The Pisces may have a weak constitution or be attracted to addictive substances. Pisces is prone to circulation problems, foot ailments, diabetes and emotional illnesses.

Appearance : Short to medium height, Pisces has a fleshy build with large, expressive eyes and a dreamy, vague disposition
Career : Pisces is drawn to a career as a musician, artist, nurse, social worker, psychic, fisherman, counselor, pharmacist, priest, sailor or veterinarian.

Gemstone : Amethyst, moonstone

Flower : Water lilly, willow

Metal  : Zinc

Animal : Fish, water animals

Color : Purple, sea blue, sea green

Lucky day : Thursday