The Planet in the Twelfth House

The Twelfth House


This is the most mysterious house of the horoscope and the least personal. If you move through the house in their natural direction ,the twelfth is the farthest from the Ascendant. The message and meaning of the First House ‘ I am my self’ is very far removed from the message of this house, the last of the astrological domicile.’  I am the Universe ‘To think of each of us being the universe is quiet far remove from our daily concerns over family , friends, money ,lovers,children,career,and the like.

Yes if we keep traveling just one more step in this same direction , the Twelfth will lead us immediately back to the First House. This is the horoscope’s way of telling us ‘YES’ , as hard as it is to conceive, each of us is a universe unto ourselves ‘ .This is the fundamental principle of astrology at work ‘As above, so below’. Astrology can help each of us find his or her place in life. because this ancient science reveals that you and I are reflection of the whole . As we grow in our awareness, and as we individualize and evolve, we find that our sense of ourselves as separate units gradually gives way to a much greater consciousness of the Cosmos in which we live and breath and have our being


The Twelfth House is the custodian of this truth. It is the most occult , the most esoteric , the most spiritual of all house. If we believe in reincarnation , the twelfth can be said to be the ‘House of Karma’ as it reveals what is stored from previous ‘turns round the wheel’ . It is therefore the house of our secret treasures and strengths, our hidden resources, and even our guardian angels. The last house of the natal chart contain all the power and potency of all the good we have done and this, after all . is our karma and our inner reserve of “luck”
But there is another side to our selves,to our karma,and to the nature of the Twelfth House. It is also the place of our self-undoing ,that part of our nature which is self-destructive and harmful. Looked away with our hidden resources, lie   our hidden weaknesses. Right next door to our   protective devas live our worst enemies, Side by side with that facet of our personal karma, which bring us good fortune and absolute protection , is that aspect of ourselves which can be the most harmful of all. The Twelfth is the house of monasteries and convents, but it is also the house of insane asylums and dungeons. The Twelfth is where hospitals,horoscopes,and hope may be found, but it is also the place in the chart where jails,slave quarters,and despair are located. The great healing planets,herbs,and wonder drugs are in the twelfth House, but in the next drawer  are to be found heroin,crack cocaine, and all other addictive, life-destroying substances.


The amazing duality of the Twelfth House is most confusing to astrology students. How can our greatest weakness become our greatest strength ? How can our addictions lead us to rebirth and renewal? How can the the path to our spiritual reality be found in the same house with the path to our self destruction? The twelfth House, like the nature of life itself,is full of such puzzling questions. It also holds the answers.
No matter what may we believe about past lives , the Twelfth House reveals what wee need to overcome in this one. It also tells us a great deal about power we possess deep within ourselves to help is accomplish the takes  of life. Once we leave the Twelfth, we return to the Ascendant and the First House. If we have managed to clean out the unwanted elements of the Twelfth and externalized the light within us, when we next get to the Ascendant we can say;  “I am healed and i am whole. I am Myself and the Universe”


Planet in the Twelfth House


The Sun, in the Twelfth House frequently places one in positions which are behind the scenes and out of the public eye. There is a strong need for seclusion and privacy and a deep inner resourcefulness. Typically,one’s creative potential is discovered until alter in life, for the vision of one’s own individuality may be obscured, or difficult to discern


The Moon, in the twelfth House speaks about a person with a great many mixed feeling and emotional cross- currents . It is man or woman who is  in close  touch with hoe others experience their lives but who may have a difficult time individualizing her or his own emotions . Sometimes this sensitivity is so strong that long periods of solitude are required. This is an excellent placement for the moon, when one is involved in any of the healing or therapeutic professions.


Mercury , in the Twelfth House gives a large scope of vision and ease at communicating all sorts of generalized ideas and opinions. The challenge for these people , is to be able to  state their own minds and their own views of things. Breath and depth of thought are present, rather than precision and logic


Venus in, the Twelfth House is often an indication of a person who has many hidden relationships. There is a tendency to  be deeply secretive about one’s personal involvements . There is certainly a high degree of compassion and understanding for others, but there can also  be a lack of discrimination about one’s involvements in other people’s loves. This lack of clarity can give rise to many interpersonal complications. Artistic interests and talents may be important influences in one’s life and there is usually a certain  degree of protection or secrecy where money is concerned.


Mars, in the Twelfth House  can be quiet secretive -one may obscure one’s real motivation for action. This tendency can give rise to a person  who bottles up anger and aggression, and who is quiet reluctant to travel his or her true intentions. This person likely to be passively aggressive, or simply unaware of the urge to manipulate circumstances. Hidden enemies can be  a problem, This is someone who may easily antagonize others, without being fully conscious of doing so On a more positive level, mars in the Twelfth is a good strategist. This person can be counted on to find the resources needs to get himself,or anyone else, out of a difficult situation.


Jupiter ,in the Twelfth House is an indicator of protection. A most positive placement for Jupiter gives access here to both spiritual and material resources, especially in times of need. Care has to be taken not to waste, and not to spend, what one cannot afford to  lose. The danger of this position is carelessness and overestimation of possibilities. In general  how ever this is a most agreeable and fortunate influence to have in one’s chart.


Saturn ,in the Twelfth House usually indicates certain hidden fears .Quiet often there are connected with problems with one’s father or authority figures in general. There is often a reluctance to assume personal responsibilities and an anxiety over personal failure. If Saturn is well placed in the twelfth, this is an excellent position for one involved in serious research projects . It may also give the constant support of a teacher or older person whom one consults as an adviser and guide


Uranus, in the Twelfth House adds the gift of intuition to one’s nature. If Uranus is not well situated in this house relative to the other planets , it can point to a person  who doesn’t pay attention to the inner voice, and harms his or herself accordingly. It is an excellent placement for behind the scenes social networking, such as occurs in the organization of charitable or humanitarians functions.


Neptune,  in the Twelfth House can be a high;y difficult placement as there is the tendency to undercut one’s own support and bring some intensely harmful situations into one’s life. A tendency to deceit,dishonesty, and addiction is also noted. But should  Neptune be well positioned relative to the rest of the chart, this is a most wonderful placement. In this case ,Neptune yields a deep spiritual understanding of life, along with a profound sense of compassion and an awareness or other people’s true needs.


Pluto ,  in the Twelfth House can annihilate any potential harm that threatens one’s life. It also gives an enormous opportunity to uncover hidden treasure-in people, finance, or one’s spiritual life. Pluto is the god of the underworld and as such it is connected to gold ,silver and diamond mines. But he also rules sweres and swamps. A poorly placed Pluto in this house is a clear warning to beware  of underworld people,such as gangsters and other criminals.