The Planet in the Tenth House

Planets in the Tenth House


The Sun in the Tenth House gives the need to achieve a prominent position in life. There is the tendency  to be very driven in one’s pursuit of success,and there is usually no lack of personal ambition. The Sun is a powerful influence in this position, engendering a constant striving for some form of influence over others. It gives the need for power ,but does not always bestow the ability to handle the responsibilities of power wisely.



The Moon in the Tenth House indicates that the person has an instinctual ability  to feel the pulse of the general public. The career often involve reaching large numbers of people; more intimately ,the urge to succeed is deeply connected with the need to nourish and take care of others. Personal and family situation often affect one’s status in life.


Mercury in the Tenth House shows that writing, speaking, traveling, and communicating will play important parts in the individual’s career. Sometimes public speaking is indicated ,as well as some form of instructing . This is a clear indication of a person who is always  ‘on the go’



Venus in the Tenth House can be most fortunate ,for it gives the ability to  use one’s considerable personal magnetism to add charisma to the professional life. There is a natural ease with people ,accompanied by the urge to benefit others through one’s social contacts. The arts and all careers that deal with beauty in some form are usually important areas of interest.



Mars in the Tenth House shows drive, determination,and ambition . Cooperation with others may have to be learned, for there is a distinct tendency to alienate anyone perceived as standing in the way of one’s success. Conflict with one’s father and other authority figure may also be indicated by this position



Jupiter in the Tenth House usually bring about some degree of prestige and professional success. There is a definite urge to expand upon one’s achievements,refusing to settle for petty accomplishments. Travel ,teaching  , publishing,or a spiritual vocation are often indicated when Jupiter is in this position



Saturn in the Tenth House can inhibit success ,or it can bring person into a more esteemed professional position-only after many years of hard work and effort have been expanded. It is important to make friends with older people ir those in superior positions, and to learn from their experiences. The father can be a major aid or a stumbling block,depending on how Saturn is positioned relative to other planets in the chart.



Uranus in the Tenth House in an excellent position for a person who seeks an alternative life style or a career that allows for a marked distinct expression of individually. Some times, it points to a person who is so rebellious and controversial that he  or she either defeated by society or obtain a high degree of notoriety. This is , for two reason ,an excellent position for an astrologer. Astrology is an unusual profession ,and Uranus help an individual to put a great deal of seemingly disparate data into clear categories.


Neptune in the Tenth House in an excellent position for career that involve service t o others, because this planets bestows a caring and compassionate nature. There is the ability to feel the collective suffering of humanity and the urge to relieve such pain through one’s life work. Neptune in the Tenth also very good for a career in the arts ,for it highly stimulates the urge to project inner images and fantasy.


Pluto in the Tenth House is a very powerful placement. It can show that the individual will have several major professional crises, and if Pluto is well placed in the Tenth ,it indicates that the individual will come out of such difficulties renewed, uplifted,and advanced. This planet combination also points to an individual with the capability to bring new life in to any sphere of professional endeavor