Hand and Mind

The Palmistry

Hand and Mind


There are five specific types of hand which should be studied in general before embarking on reading of the various features,including the nails, the phalanges, the joints ,the lines and the mounts.

There are two general types of hands,the first being dedicate when first examined and related to the conic type. It is a receptive hand,welcoming ideas and emotional currents. The second is of firmer appearance,representing a more outgoing and assertive type,realistic in all matters.
The flexibility if the hand must first be noted and general consistency, which can range from flabby ,which suggest low energy levels,to hard, which react against the reader’s pressure.

This suggest a lack of mental agility and a generally inflexible nature. In between ,there are flexible hands, which reflect vitality and  openness of mind.


Square Hands : So called after the squareness of the palm and often associated with squared -off fingertips.
Square-handed people are practical and ordered; stability is everything , as is prudence in money matters. They also have respect for low and order. The only  order they don’t like is that imposed by office work.


Spatulate  Hands: Narrow at the wrist but squaring towards the fingers, these hands are also realistic. But with a more positive approach to action . Spatulate  -handed people are practical, but impulsive; tenacious ,but innovative. They show extroversion and self -confidence . They are always on the go ,inventing ,building ,wheeler , dealering . But be aware . When the hand is also flexible ,they can be diverted by sensual pleasure.


Conical Hands: The shape is moving to a more rounded appearance,more feminine and overtly artistic. Creative fair is in abundance and the nature of people with such hand is capricious ,impulsive and romantic . They can pick new ideas out of the air and take up new interests with great ease. When the hand is firm ,the mind is active, when the hand is fat,the libido takes control .


psychic Hands: The least common hand is possessed by dreams and visionaries. The long look,with elegantly pointed tips, is the extension of the conic ideal. Feelings prevail and unrealistic and need help to with the material world. If the finger have exaggerated knuckles,they are ethical and moral thinkers.


The Mixed Hands: This is the hand most people have . This example is one if the infinitive variations possible  when the many elements -basic palm shape,types of fingers,length of phalanges,angle of the thumb  and the prominence of the mounts- are taken into account.