The Life Path Number

The Life Path Number

The Life Path Number


There are many aspects in numerology that can help you in determining your personality, your traits, your significant other and a whole lot more. One of the numbers that is often used in Numerology is the Life Path Number. When talking about Life Path numbers, these are the numbers that tells who you are and what traits are present in you. Life Path refers to the road that you are in now or the road where your life is journeying.


Determining Life Path Number


In order to determine what your Life Path number is, you need to add the numbers that represent the day you were born. For example, you were born on November 8, 1983. You need to add the month, date, and year in order to get your Life Path number. This would be 11 + 8 + 1983 = 2002; 2+2 = 4 which is your Life Path Number.


The Nine Numbers


There are nine numbers in the Life Path, each one of them both have the positive and negative side. Once you have determined what your Life Path number is you can see what traits are dominant in you as well as the passive ones. There are also numbers here that are called Master Numbers and these are 11, 22, and 33. They are also included in single digit numbers like 11/2, 22/4, and 33/6.


Here is a summary of the different Life Path numbers and their corresponding traits.


If you fall in Life Path number 1 you are the type of person who has high leadership skills. Most people who are in a position to lead have a Life Path that falls in number 1. They are creative and finish everything they have started. The negative side is that you may be great in leading but can be a poor follower.


Life Path Number 2 refers to those who have a high spiritual awareness and are the perfect examples of peacemakers in a community. On the other hand, they have a nervous energy that reflects on how they respond to situations. Sometimes they suddenly burst out to the confusion of others.


In Life Path Number 3, these are people who are quite communicative. They are alive in situations where they get to express their ideas in the form of writing, speaking and others. The negative side here is that they are quick to be hurt and tend to retreat in their shells. They are quite soulful which can be bizarre to some people who are used to the 3’s communicative trait.


Those who fall on Life Path Number 4 are those who are quite good in building and fixing things. They are the type of person who are trustworthy and are often seen finishing the tasks left behind by others. On the other hand, number 4 people can be quite dogmatic as well as having a repressive trait.


People in Life Path Number 5 are characterized as having a mindset that is quite progressive. You always pursue freedom in everything that you do. The negative part of Number 5 is that you are multitalented but do not have a direction on where to direct your creativity.


In Life Path Number 6, the parental trait is well developed. You are often referred to as a caretaker because of how well you treat others like a parent. Sometimes this trait can be negative in a way that you can not say no to others especially family.


Investigative trait dominates those who fall in Life Path Number 7. They have a keen sense of what is going on and often find solutions based on their deductive reasoning. The opposite of this is that you may be pessimistic and quarrelsome.


In Life Path Number 8, you are the type of person that has a general sense of direction where you want your life to be. You plan goals that are far reaching and manage to complete them as well. Unfortunately, those who fall in its negative side are those that can be dictatorial and may inhibit displays of enthusiasm from those under him.


Last but not the least is the Life Path Number 9. People who fall in this category have a humanitarian trait. You are the type of person that feels deeply for those who are in lower status in life. The negative side here is that having a humanitarian trait can be hard on some.


Knowing these things and where you fall can help steer you to a better direction. If you think you are on the negative side then you know what to do to make yourself a better person. Knowing your Life Path Number can have a big impact on how you live your life and how you interact with others.