The Law of periodicity

The Law of periodicity Part II

The Law of periodicity Part IIThe Law of periodicity

Another curious example of the addition of dates, much commented on in both Berlin and Paris during 1914, is as given follow.


In 1849, William I of Prussia fled with his mother, Queen Louise, and took refuge in England, Meeting with a woman well versed in Numerology, he asked her to tell him his future.  “Add”, she answered, “the figures of this important year together 1849





Another the year produced by this addition you will end a great war and will be proclaimed Emperor”


“And then —-?” asked the King.


“Add 1871”, she replied,  “and you will get the year of your death.”  The King made the addition and wrote 1888.


“And what of my country after that?” the King asked.


“Add again,” she answered, “and see what the total is”.


The King added 1888






“In that year”, the woman said, “the name who wears your crown will prepare another war, which will bring about his ruin and the of your country, for the time being”