The Law of periodicity

The Law of periodicity Part I

The Law of periodicityThe Law of periodicity


The Law of periodicity is shown in some lives in a very remarkable manner.  In many cases it may last of hundreds of years, as may be noticed in the lives of St.  Louis and Louis XVI in the interval of 539 years that separated these two Kings of France, and which interval, when added to the date of important events in St. Louis’s life.  Repeated similar events in the career of Louis XVI.  This is considered one of the most curious examples known in history. 


Further, it will be noticed that St. Louis was born on April 23rd, the numbers added together producing 5.  Louis XVI was born on August 23rd, also producing a 5.


These names worked out by the Hebrew Alphabet are:


S A I N T                                L O U I S

3 1  1 5 4                                 3  7  6 1 3


14 = 5                                      20 = 2

______                                    _________

                                                5 and 2 = 7



L O U I S                                X V I

3  7  6 1 3                                     1 6

_________                              ______           

20 = 2                                           7



2 and 7 = 9


The name Saint Louis worked out to its single digit gives 7, the spiritual number.  Louis XVI Worked out to its single digit gives 9, the material number.  These two single numbers added together give 16 for the compound number, the occult meaning being, as you have read in a previous chapter,  “A Tower Struck by Lightning from which a man is falling with a Crown on his Head”, a fitting symbol in every sense for the downfall of Louis XVI.


After this date, the execution of Louis XVI, in 1793, we cannot yet trace this curious law of periodicity further, but in adding the interval number again to 1793 we get the year 2332, in which perhaps another incarnation of St. Louis will again reign in France.


Another interesting example of a number being associated on the 14th May, 1029, an d the last King of the name of Henri was assassinated on the 14th May 1610.


Fourteen letters it will be found make the name of Henri de Bourbon, who was the 14th King to bear the little of King of France and Navaree.


On the 14th December, 1553 or 14 centuries, 14 decades, and 14 years after the birth of Christ, Henri IV of France was born; the figures of the date 1553 added together makes also the number 14. 


On the 14th may, 1554 Henri II signed the decree of the enlargement of the Rue do la Ferronnerie.  The cause of this order the

narrowness of this street not having been carried into execution, brought about the assassination of Henri IV in that same street exactly 4

times 14 years later.


On the 14th May, 1552, Marquerite de Valois, the first wife of Henri IV, was born.


On the 14th May, 1588, the Duke of Guise opened the revolt against Henri II


In the 14th March, 1590, the main Army of Henry IV was defeated at the Fauxbourg of Paris.


On the 14th November, 1560 , “the Sixteen” took an oath of death rather than serve Henri IV


On the 14th November, 1592, the French Parliament accepted the Papal Bull, which gave authority to the legate of Rome to nominate a

king instead of Henry IV.


On the 14th December, 1599, the Duke of Savoy submitted to Henry IV.


On the 14th September, the Dauphin, who later became Louis XII, was baptised.


On the 14th May 1610, owing to the narrowness of the Rue de la Ferronnerie, previously

Referred to, the street his father Henri II had planned to be enlarged, the carriage of the King was stopped by a cart which gave Ravaillac the opportunity to assassinate him.


On the 14th May, 1643, Louis XIII, the son of Henri IV, died, on the same day of the same month that his father was killed, and if the figures of 1643 are added together they make the Number 14, which had played such an important part in his father’s career.


Louis XIV ascended the throne in 1643, also a 14 and died in 1715, which also make a 14.  His age at his death was 77, again making by addition a 14.


            Louis XV ascended the throne in 1715 = 14


Louis XVI was in the 14th year of his reign when he convoked the States-General, which brought about the Revolution and his downfall.



The Restoration of the Bourbons took place in 1814, the number of this year added together making 14.


The reason why this number 14 or its single number 5 appears so much associated with the destiny of France may be traced to the fact that in Astrology Paris has always been represented as governed by the Sign Virgo, whose Planet is Mercury in its negative aspect, whose number is a 5.


Revolution in France and fall of Robespierre took place in                               1794

The number of this date added together give                                                        21


The fall of Napoleon                                                                                       1815   

1815 added gives                                                                                   15


Fall of Charles X and Revolution in France                                                       1830

            1830 added gives                                                                                    12


Death of King Louis Philippe                                                                           1842

            1842 added gives                                                                                    15


End of Crimean War                                                                                       1857

            1857 added gives                                                                                    21


The famous Treaty of Berlin                                                                             1878

            1878 added gives                                                                                    24


Danger of War with England over Fasoda                                                        1902

            1902 added gives                                                                                    12


World War I                                                                                                    1914

            1914 added gives                                                                                     15


A date which was another crisis in French history                                              1929