The Eight House



The Sun: in the Eights house acts as a catalyst or transformer in all life situations, This is a person  who can bring about enormous , positive changes in other people’s lives or be the vehicle for chaos. One is naturally aware of available resources, both financial and psychological ,in one’s relationships. There is a powerful urge to use such resources for mutual plans and projects


The Moon: in the Eight House great sensitivity to changes and fluctuations in other people’s emotional states. Someone with this position , which is excellent for the ability to ‘tune in’ to other people’s feelings, has a great capacity for subtle , emotional receptivity. What one does with this information -how one uses one’s sensitivity depends on one’s levels of  maturity. In all cases the Moon in this position links  one’s sexual drives very strongly to the emotional nature.


Mercury: in the Eight House indicates a mind that seeks to probe into the depth of things.This is s ‘Spy mentality’ which tend to uncover the hidden or more profound circumstances of any given situation. It may also indicate an individual whose thinking has a transformative  effect on others


Venus: in the Eight House can bestow financial benefits from wills , legacies,and marriage. It also indicates a person who may be highly skilled at transforming social situations, evoking greater creative possibilities within the scope of relationships. On the other hand , it can show a tendency to have at least one very challenging relationship, the results of which are extremely transformational in nature.


Mars : in the Eight House adds passion and intensity to the individual’s sexual nature. If such energy is not modified , conflict and turmoil may result from a desire nature that is too strong. Mars in this position may also be a very helpful tool for supporting other people during crises, by adding courage and direction to their lives.


Jupiter: in the Eight House is an indication of abundant financial benefits coming from inheritance or partnership. If in poor relationship to other planets, Jupiter can also reveal the tendency to squander and waste such good for tune. This an individual who is greatly affected by religious and spiritual studies and beliefs.


Saturn: in the Eight House can create certain difficulties in the expression of one’s sexuality. It  usually has an inhabiting effect, or it can indicate a person who uses her sexuality to take control in partnership situations. Financially , Saturn here can help a person structure her resources  for future growth and development . If poorly placed , it can mean the loss of inheritance of the necessity of taking on a partner’s debt.


Uranus: in  the Eight House is frequently an indication of unusual or erratic sexual behavior. There is a strong curiosity about sexuality and a distinct urge to experiment with different means of sexual life -expression. When Uranus is well placed , sudden and unexpected financial windfalls may occur through inheritances or relationship situations.


Neptune: in the Eight House  indicates a very powerful dream life.  This position increases psychic sensitivity and an interest in the fantastic . Certain unforeseen complications may occur regarding legacies and finances in general if Neptune is poorly placed  here in relationship to the other planets. Sexuality can either be an incredibly uplifting facet of one’s life ,or an avenue for addiction and self -destruction.


Pluto: in the Eight House is a very potent placement ,for Pluto is the natural ruler of this house. A person with this position can be a tremendous healing agent and a source of great renewal and regeneration . When this position is positive, amazing turns of events, which greatly increase one’s financial position, may occur. When negative, Pluto in the Eighth House  can transform sexuality into a very destructive life element.