April 20 -May 20


If your birthday falls between the dates of April 21 and may 21, then you are a Taurus.  Taurus has many redeeming qualities, and they are known for their generosity and dependability.  They are also known for their loyalty and their patience, although you have to watch out because they can be very persistent if they put their minds to it.


Of course, they also have qualities that are desirable.  They can be pretty stubborn and materialistic.  Taurus can also be lazy and self indulging as well as possessive.


On Self


Taurus is more of a follower than a leader, but once they have set their minds on something, they can be very formidable indeed.  In fact, their being stubborn is also their way of getting independence, their way of getting things done their way.  Although a follower, it does mean that he depends on others.  It is more likely that they will depend on themselves first before asking help from anybody else.  This way, they are assured that things are done to their liking.


When it comes to the temperament of Taurus, they are quite sensitive.  Small comments, especially the negative ones, can quickly raise up their defenses.  They easily get offended, and this is the reason why they sometimes do not take too well with orders, resulting to stubbornness and laziness.


On Other People


If there is one thing that can be said about a Taurus is that they are loyal.  In fact, they make a very excellent friend that they almost always treat their friends as family.  If you are one of their close friends, then you can rest assured that their loyalty towards you will never waver.  They will pamper and protect you even.


They are not typically known as a social butterfly, and, in fact, they tend to be shy around people, especially those they do not know.  But when they host a party, you can expect lavish and exciting ones.


On Love and Relationship


If your partner is a Taurus woman, then be sure to give her what she wants, and that is stability and security.  Taurus women do enjoy being pampered, but she will love it all the more if you are straight with her.


Taurus men, on the other hand, may not be the type to sweep a damsel off her feet, but not because he is not romantic but because he is a very sensible man.  In fact, when a Taurus man woos you, be sure to expect that it is for the long term.