Special Marks on Hand

Special Marks

The Medical Hand, when three vertical lines, often crossed by another lines, are found on the mound of mercury . They indicate a career in the healing professions. Known as the Samaritan lines, even those without medical training can find themselves drawn to the practice of natural medicine or the realms of spiritual healing.

The Travel Hand, when a well developed mount of Luna is striated by Samaritan lines,accompanied by a series of small, apparently random lines moving up from its base, the travel profession is indicated. This can range from being a travel agent, a plight attendant or the pilot of the plane. The small lines also suggest heightened powers of intuition, including flights of fancy of a psychic kind.

The Land Hand, a square hand has, historically, being  associated with the farmers or other agriculturalists, often associate with a long base Phalange of the Saturn finger. A particular sign would be a pronounced mount of skin entering the palm low down below the mount of Luna. The love of the country extends to both flora and fauna and there is an  intuitive rapport with both.

The Sporting Hand,  a well developed and striated mount of Venus is the mark of those engaged in the sporting field. As it is the seat of energy it is the support of a powerful thumb. A matching mount of Luna double the stamina and vitality.

The Pedagogic Hand, those drawn to the educational profession often have a special series or lines referred to as “the teachers’ square”. This consist of four small lines forming a cross-hatch square below the Saturn finger. Though not essential for a teacher,it heightens powers of guidance and imparting information. When on the land of some-one not in the teaching profession.The same powers are often apparent. Many teachers and lecturers have a Sptulate Hand,intellect being indicated by the length of the first Phalange. The longer it is, the more drawn towards theoretical research they are. Indeed it could even suggest the “perpetual student” syndrome. Similarly.If the joints of the fingers are pronounced, they will be drawn to work of a philosophical nature.


Hand in Hand


As analysis of the hand helps achieve a deeper degree of self- awareness, it should, in turn, help create meaning full and lasting relationships. During those relationships, warn of rocky passage and other possible pitfalls.

Certain forms of hands are compatible with each other,whilst other suggest a stormy passage. The combinations are immense,but some basic relationships can give a general guide.

A square hand with a square hand suggests a relationship based on mutual practicality. Square with conic is promising, as square can bring conic down to earth, but conic’s impulsiveness can lead to upheavals.

Square with Spatulate definitely get on, making for a highly creative couple. Square with psychic promises a sticky, if not volcanic, end.

Conic with Conic could prove mutually exciting,as could be a pairing with Spatulate. With a psychic hand creative juices will be stimulated, conic bringing a little reality in to psychic’s life.

Spatulate with Spatulate encourage mutual imagination,with a practical touch,like a pair of ballroom dancers. Spatulate with psychic is best avoided altogether.

Psychic with Psychic will end up living in the clouds, which may be no bad thing, but don’s expect them to arrive on time,if they turn up at all.