The Planet in the Sixth House

Sixth House

The Planet in the Sixth HouseThe Planet in the Sixth House

The Sun

The Sun in the Sixth house reveals a general concern for one’s place in the scheme of things. “Where do I fit in ?”  is  a frequent question .
Work is very much an issue and, depending on the Sun’s relationship to the other planets, can be an area of the greatest trial  or one of amazing  success.

There is often a preoccupation with health and the practicalities of life, and a real need to establish oneself in the workday world.the sixth house is the house of health and the Sun in this position often lacks the vitality of other houses, so take care of your body.

The sign of an afflicted sixth house Sun can indicate the part of the body that may be adversely affected. The following is meant to assist you in diagnosing ailments that you may already have; or, if your Sun in the sixth is afflicted, that you are more prone to; and not to suggest that any of these ailments are things you necessarily will get. With Gemini Sun in 6th house are with the hands, shoulders, arms, lungs or nerves.

The Moon

The Moon in the sixth House gives the need to help other people through an occupation that involves some form of service to the general public. Matters concerning health and job “go through phase” when the moon is in the position, because one’s emotional nature contributes greatly to the success and well- being of these important facets of life.

The sixth house represents the urge to gain mastery over the physical environment and, duties, necessities and learning how to function effectively are most important. They inborn craftsman needs to polish and refine their skills and put their efforts to good use. More than any other people they are capable of feeling totally fulfilled at work, and need to bring a sense of order and harmony to this sphere of life.


In the Sixth house indicates a high degree of the adaptability, versatility,and change in terms of one’s approach to work. This can mean an incredible restlessness with an inability to remain constant in one’s chosen field ,or an extraordinary talent for tackling any situation that may come up. Mercury in 6th house well aspect always show who is faith full unto end,even if it is unaspected  there is always a desire to serve ,to help somebody.Mar is a Dynamic Energy.When it is in 6th house,in Virgo he will naturally make the native to do something


In the Sixth House bring harmony and balance in to the work place. There is a tendency to enjoy positive relationship with one’s co- workers and employees, and to have general sense of fair play. Good general health and a balanced constitution are also gifts of Venus, when she is placed in this      position. . If Venus is afflicted, you have to watch your kidneys.

You can expect sorrow through the work environment because of woman. If already married, the first marriage is never happy and their is always a risk of separation .


In the Sixth House can  brings  discord and competitiveness in to the work environment. The urge is to be dominant in one’s job. Unless this is carried out with some degree of diplomacy,the individual can find that other people will work against his or her success. Drive and determination are also indicated, but achievement must be coupled with right human relationships.



Jupiter in the Sixth House  add optimism,vision and understanding to one’s job .There is often a sense of support for others that extend beyond  the scope of personal ambition.If afflicted Jupiter in this position can give a tendency to over indulgence in food and drink, leading to problem with the liver and general digestion



In the Sixth House brings either a strong sense of responsibility,or a feeling of  burden attached to one’s job. very often fear of failure  is a facet of this position. This  fear brings about either a defeatist and pessimistic attitude, or stimulates the individual to work harder. If strongly placed by sign and in relation to the other planets, this position indicates the ability to withstand all types of illness; if poorly places, there is a tendency toward chronic or inherited illnesses



In the Sixth House can give a very erratic and unconventional attitude to work.This may bring about highly successful, individualistic career; or there may be a constant urge to change jobs frequently,due to marked dissatisfaction  with routine. The health can be suddenly  challenge by nerves or unusual  factors that are hard to treat. In any event ,the individual prefers to seek out healing that is alternative to traditional western medicine.


In the Sixth House gives great resourcefulness in the accomplishment of tasks,and the ability to be very helpful to others in need. If poorly placed in this house, there is a tendency toward an impractical attitude in any work situation. The use of alcohol and other drugs should be carefully monitored. All illnesses will have a strong emotional component , so that the individual ‘s psychological nature must be included in any form of health treatment.



In this Sixth House brings new life into the workplace.enormous dedication and will power can be exerted to the accomplishment of all tasks,when Pluto is well placed in this house .If afflicted by the other planets, or if the general ego structure predisposes, this position indicates a person who can abuse her position and seek to dominate other people for her own benefits. Pluto in this position is often a gift to our health for it indicates profound regenerative and recuperative abilities