Single and Compound Numbers

Single and Compound NumbersIf possible, make the Birth number and the number given by the Name agree; the vibrations will then all be in harmony and will give a greater promise of success if the number is a favourable one.

As an illustration, take again the example I gave in the previous chapter, of John Smith.

J = 1 S = 3

O = 7 M = 4

H = 5 I = 1

N = 5 T = 4


18 = 1 plus 8 = 9 H = 5


17 = 1 Plus 7 = 8

The single number of John totals a 9, and the single number of smith equals an 8; the 8 and 9 added together make 17, and 1 plus 7 makes 8. The number of the entire Name is therefore an 8. If John Smith were born on any day making an 8, such as the 8th, 17th or 26th of the month, the number of the Name and the number of the Birth would then be in harmony and although the 8 is not such a lucky number to have in an ordinary way, yet is such a case there would be no clash in the numbers; and if John Simth, knowing this, used the dates making an 8, such as the 8th, 17th or 26th for his important transactions, he would find himself more fortunate.

If on the contray,, he had another number, say 2, as his Birth number, such as the 2nd, 11th, 20, 29th, his Name and his Birth number would not in vibration one to the other and there would always be a muddle or jumble in his affairs and he would also not be able to decide which number to act on or what date he should use.

As he can not alter his Birth number, then the thing to do is to alter the Name number. If he added a letter making a 3 to his name, such as a C, a G an L or an S, which in the Alphabet I gave in previous chapter have the number 3, added to the 17, which John Smith made before, would now give a total of 20, ro a single number of 2 and then both the Name number and Birth Number Would be in harmonious vibration together and he would also be sure that he would be right in selecting any date that makes a 2 such as the 2nd, 11th, 20th or 29th of any month as the most favoiurable day to make any change or carry out any important plan.,

If, however, “John Smith” was born under an 8, such as the 8th, 17th or 26th of any month as the total of the numbers of hi9m name also make an 8, I would not then advise him to add a letter or chane the Name number, but to work under the 8, as I explained earlier.

Surely, this is a simple, clear rule and will help those countless readers who may be puzzled as to how to get their Name umber and Birth number to accord.

However, if a person is born under either of those peculiar numbers such as a 4 or an 8, and if the Name number should also total up to a 4 when one is born under an 8, or to an 8 when one is born under a 4, then for material success it would be better if one added some letter, as I explained in the case of John smith, so that the total of your number is no longer a 4 or an 8, but one with a more fortunate vibration, making, say, a 1,3,6, or 9. Such a change in the majority of cases will produce most fortunate results and set up entirely new vibraions, which will change a lonely,, unlucky life into one of happiness and success.

I advise that in order to get the best advantage out of one’s numbers, that in living in cities and towns a person should select a house to live in whose number also gives the same vibration as the Birth and Name number. If they live in the country they should give a name to their house which produces the same number as the Birth and Name. Especially in the case of a person have an 8 for the Birth number and a 4 for the Name number, or vice versa, they should, under no circumstances, live in a house whose number worked out to the single digit of a 4 or an 8.