Planets in the Seventh House

Seventh House


Planets in the Seventh House

Planets in the Seventh House

The sun

In the Seventh House indicates a person who is always involved in forging social ties that to define or complement himself. There is a deep dependence on relationships and personal interaction , so that one’s own creativity and individuality is in constant response to other people’s initiatives.


The Moon

In the Seventh House is a position which indicates a person who is very responsive to other people’s emotional needs. It is an excellent placement for a consultant or therapist. There is a tendency to early marriage as well as a need for close interdependence with all partners.



In the Seventh House gives  ability to be extremely sociable and at ease with people in general. There is a natural urge to exchange opinion and a strong drive to communicate and relate. The individual has to take care that his or her opinion are not overly swayed by other people’s thought process.



In the Seventh House is usually a lovely position as it enhances one’s social skills and creates many positive opportunities for relationships. There is a definite skill at matching people and coordinating social functions and events.



In the Seventh House  is often an indication of conflict. There can be a lot of competition generated with this position , for there is an urge to dominate one’s partners.Mars in this house may also speak about a tendency to violent or disruptive relationships


In the Seventh House usually engenders benefits from relationships. The partner may be well traveled, highly educated , and philosophical in nature. The individual with Jupiter in this house is helpful to others and is very well intentioned where other people are concerned. If Jupiter is not well positioned, either by sign and /or the other planets , the partner can be slothful and highly opinionated.




In the Seventh House brings a lot of responsibility into relationship. One’s of the most important life lessons has to do with correct sharing on all levels. Very often the partner is older,but sometimes it is the person with this positioned is older, but sometimes it is the person with this position  who is the  figure  of authority in the relationship . Marriage  may occur late in life; if so it is usually happier than one’s earlier partnerships




In the Seventh House bring about sudden changes in relationships, or it cause relationships to begin like a bolt of lightning out of the sky. One is usually attracted to highly unusual and individualistic type of people ,who are not given over to routine and who may be eccentric and  or erratic in their behavior .Group affiliations and relationship with highly specialized or unusual organizations is also a strong tendency with Uranus in this position.



In the Seventh House can manifest as an attraction to people who are truly giving and self-sacrificing,or to those who are truly self destructive . It is difficult fir the individual to see her partners clearly, and ir is therefor very important to be able to look at others without a veil of illusion. This position also leads one of others in  psychological or spiritual distress


In the Seventh House brings a certain intensity in personal relationships. It is a position that can bring into one’s life a partner who functions as a source of renewal and strength both for oneself and others. If poorly placed, Pluto in this house is very detrimental to relationship longevity cad can bring about great deceit.