The Second House

Secon House

The Second HouseSun:

The sun in the second house gives the need to make the most out of one’s own talents and resources – sun is how you need to be if you are going to feel self fulfilled in life.Sun by house that mean that your life make you as a happy person.  There is a distinct tendency to create those circumstances which provide opportunities for material security, stability of purposes and the successful establishment of oneself in the everyday practicalities of life. The sun offers distinct challenges to one’s attitude to money and consequent financial position in life.Those circumstances which provide opportunities for material security, stability of purposes and the successful establishment of oneself in the everyday practicalities of life. The sun offers distinct challenges to one’s attitude to money and consequent financial position in life .



Moon in the second House strives to bring form and focus obtaining of those ‘creature comforts’ that make life easier and more pleasant.This position allows one to make the best of whatever one has at hand.There is also the tendency to be very preoccupied and worried when there is a lack of material sustenance, even for a short period of time.This is likely occurrence  as the Moon definitely goes through’ phase’.


In the second house can be excellent for turning ideas into practical life experience that yields financial rewards. mercury very bless position mercury as in the second house and this planet find itself great comfort and express in more creative forms. He bestows versatility and adaptability to one’s talents and abilities. The sense of personal freedom is closely connected to a person’s sense of self -worth, when mercury is in the second. This platform is very ideal get into the business mercury will lead you to manage best entrepreneur in your early age of life.



As Venus in the second  House is more often than not, a very positive influences.She enhances sensual pleasures and can indicate to waste and sloth. In other side when Venus in second can find the person is very loving peaceful and soft .It seems they are bit selfish though rather they are self centered much concern about self growth. Under positive influence of Venus they are individually wealth, peace loving and non violent.But remember those all will turn into upset as other planets over effects.



Mars in second House can help a person assert her sense of self-worth and go after her financial and material aims. they are trying to aspire and conquer their highest ambition. Mars in second house always expecting others supportive features which will positive aspect to manifest. Mars can also bring discord in this position, through arguments over finances and a desire nature that may be too strong for one’s own good.



When  Jupiter  place to second house is an indicator of good fortune and the potential for great wealth. this is especially true if Jupiter is in Taurus, cancer, Scorpio. lot of benefits to your earning power and value system. This is a good time to go for a raise, apply for a loan, or take part in various dealings with financial institutions. The individual can use his talents very expensively and can seize upon a positive financial opportunity when they come his way and they do. No matter which sing Jupiter is in, when he is in second house he never leaves a person empty-handed.



Saturn in second house gives you a lesson in the proper management and budgeting of resources. it is not an indication of financial liquidity or fluidity. But in some cases it does indicate inherited wealth. Saturn in second house reflects your attitude to the real world possession. You may over cautious in the way you invest your finances. When Saturn is well placed in this house by the sign (Taurus, Libra, Capricorn,) It can indicate the ability to structure one’s resources easily and profitably. When poorly placed in relationship to some of the other planets it can bring about distinct financial hardship .



This in the second house indicates that there are sudden change of fortune in a person’s life that come about in the most unexpected ways.  Such reversals usually accompany a shift in life attitude toward the use of one’s talents and abilities. This can take the form of sudden flashes of insight that make a person abandon what they have taken years to establish and that prove to be quite correct. In any event, Uranus usually acts with sudden and dramatic



When Neptune on the second house will brings Amazing resourcefulness. It is as though the resource of life came suddenly forth manifesting with the wave of a wand. when Neptune domicile in second you have dream daydream a lot about money and to become a wealthy . There is a special protection that allows the individual to drink from the well that is the source of all wealth and riches. when poorly sit in the second there is the tendency to waste or misuse resource. some times your money can slip easily from through fingers as you are trying to be over generous.



As Pluto in second house can act as a mine filled with deep veins of gold or other precious substances.It is an incredible re-generator of resources and certainly aids in the recuperation process after any form of loss .  Pluto energy is dynamic, intense and powerful and is often kept at bay because without controlling it can be all consuming.  The more you have, the more powerful you feel. You’re not a fan of sharing, and want to keep what you have for yourself. when Pluto is poorly positioned in the second house, it can completely destroy a person’s resources, psychology, an afflicted Pluto in the second house in known to create a very profound lack of self-worth.