Relationship Analysis

Relationship Analysis


When it comes to relationships, a lot of people are looking for ways to know more about themselves and how they react to people. They also find information on how to behave in a relationship and learn more about their prospective partners. Most of us ask for help from astrologers who are using Synastry or relationship analysis to determine who the right person for us is as well as know more about our behavior.




Synastry aids astrologers in determining the deeper emotions that lies in each individual. It also helps them determine how we interact with the opposite sex emotionally, physically and the like. In Synastry, astrologers study which signs are compatible with one another and how they most likely react to one another. This is an advantage especially when you want to learn more about your partner to have a fulfilling relationship.


Relationship analysis can go a long way especially when you are searching for who you really are. It can give you an in-depth knowledge on what rules your intellect, emotions, sexuality and physical aspects as well. The relationship analysis delves deeper on what makes you react to relationships. You can see where you two are compatible and where you differ. It also gives you insight on how you both cope with problems in your relationship and whether you are suited to one another.


Astrologers compare you and your spouse’s chart with one another in order to determine how likely you will end up together. This determines your physical, emotional, sexual, and spiritual togetherness. Some may find that they are not meant to be together in the long run, or find problems that are the result of total incompatibility.


Why Use Relationship Analysis?


Knowing your relationship analysis can go a long way especially when you are looking for a suitable partner. There are those who also use relationship analysis in the work area to help understand their superiors as well. This is greatly beneficial for some especially in the area of emotions and how best to deal with them. Understanding the temperament of another using relationship analysis is quite effective too.


One advantage of using Synastry or relationship analysis is that it helps you and your loved one find a common ground in your relationship. Knowing where you differ and where you are compatible can help you turn each other into better persons and have your relationship last longer. It can be said that using relationship analysis can help determine where you are right now with your relationship with your partner.