Positive and Negative Energy

Positive and Negative Energy of Numbers

Positive and Negative Energy of NumbersPositive and Negative Energy

Our universe is composed of energy. This energy has both a positive and negative charge to it. According to science , negative particle of energy are larger than positive particle of energy.

You can visualize positive energy as a smooth, round and negative energy as being somewhat larger with an irregular shape and jagged edges. Even though these particles are differents in size and shape, they flow harmoniously through the universe and our body’s system.

Every numbers is composed of both negative and positive energy. A numbers energy manifests in behavior as energetic patterns of choice. Positive energy energy is focused energy.

It seeks the most direct route to its destination by flowing through, over or around the obstructions it encounters along it path.

Negative energy, in this instance,is unfocused energy. Unfocused energy is much like a stream that meanders across the landscape, avoiding the obstacles in its path. By not chosing a direction, the intensity of our negative/ reactive anxieties.