Planets in the Ninth House

Planet in the Ninth House

Planets in the Ninth House

The Sun in the Ninth House gives the needs to established one’s identity through life experience that Planets in the Ninth Housebroaden one’s  scope of reality travel , higher education  and spirits pursuits. There is a need to be  essentially free of those social situations which bind a person  to a proscribed routine.


The Moon in the Ninth endows a person with  a great sensitivity to what may be learned from traveling and higher education . This position indicates  a certain restlessness and  a great urge for an  ever changing environment. This is not an individual who will be happy staying  at home ,unless that home is in a foreign country or at a university


Venus in the Ninth is often indicative of fortunate experiences that occur through travel or education. A scholarship may be offered , or a free ticket to attend  a seminar. As the Ninth House is the third from the seventh , this position may also indicate positive relationship with the partner’s brothers and sisters.


Mars in the Ninth indicates a strong urge  for adventure. If well placed in the chart ,it can indicate a ‘spiritual warrior ‘ someone who is ready to do battle or even ready to die for his or her beliefs. If not in a positive sign or good relationship with the other planets , mars in this house will bring conflict in one’s spiritual orientation and /or severe education interruptions.


Jupiter in the Ninth is a very positive placement . It indicates a great deal of foreign travel and a profound interest in educational and philosophical pursuits. Legal issue are favored with this position, for Jupiter ,if well situated in terms of the other planets in the charts, brings good fortune to any  area where it is placed . Good judgement ,and a comprehensive perspective on life ,are other benefits that come with Jupiter in its own house


Saturn in the Ninth may indicates difficulties with teachers and religious figures.The father may have sought to impose his beliefs and to choose one’s course of education ,which would have led to strife in the formative years. If Saturn in well placed in this house ,one was blessed with excellent authority figures who greatly helped one choose the right path in life.


Uranus in the Ninth points to a person who is a natural rebel against established codes of belief and orthodox religions. This is an individual who was not well suited to an ordinary education and who may have had great difficulties adjusting to the norms of an established church or school. When well placed , this planet/ House combination opens one to a wide variety of Ninth House experiences that add strength and character to one’s individuality.


Neptune in the Ninth is often in  the horoscope of people interested in the mystical and the metaphysical . It typically has deep influence one’s religious beliefs, and may indicate a person who has either specialized in the spiritual studies or one who received an educational school. This planet combination can easily point to a person who may gets lost in daydreams or in philosophical speculation


Pluto in the Ninth brings profoundly transformational experiences through travel or education. This individual come back , from a seminar or a foreign journey, either totally renewed or completely wiped out. Pluto knows no in between -either you grow or you go! people with Pluto in the Ninth usually change the religious or spiritual come back from ground from which they  came or profoundly deepen their connection to their roots. The urge to uncover the deepest mysteries of life will certainly be present ,along with the will power to make such investigations a reality