Planet in the fourth House

Planet in the Fourth House

Planet in the fourth House

Planet in the fourth House

The Sun :

The Sun in the fourth House points to a need to establish a firm home base as an anchor to personal identity.There is a need to build a strong home life,a foundation and stable psychological anchor.If the early environment was unstable or unbalanced, it will deeply affect  the individual’s sense of creative potency.People with the sun in the fourth have been deeply affected by their family background and often end their lives very close to the physical location where they were raised as children. When the Sun falls in the 4th house in a comparison reading the natives are likely to share similar upbringings and backgrounds. They are likely to be very sympathetic and have a natural sense of calm and are at home with each other. There may be a desire to start a family together. Negatively the Sun person may try to control the domestic affairs of the 4th house person

The Moon :

In the fourth House indicates a person with strong  feelings and sentiments. Here ,these powerful emotions are usually strongly connected to one’s own needs and particular orientation to life. When outside of familiar circumstances , a person with the Moon  in the Fourth  may not feel particularly safe or comfortable. This person is,  however , very nurturing,when in her own environment.Those people are definitely not one who feels that “everywhere she hangs her hat is home”. She tends, however to be very happy when others feel comfortable in “hanging their hat” in her closet and staying for dinner. Combining the meaning of your natal Moon with your fourth house sign can give you a more complete picture of how to create your perfect are a natural homemaker. This fosters all domestic and catering talents, be it on a professional or amateur basis. You also have a closeness to Nature. A feel for flora and fauna is in your blood and you could have green fingers.

Mercury :

Mercury as in your Fourth House indicates a tendency to be very subjective in one’s thoughts. This person thinks a great deal about his personal and domestic life. Much energy goes into creating the sense of a secure world, because they feels a need to adapt him self to the ever-changing demand of the “out side’ world. If mercury is in Gemini, Sagittarius, Virgo or Pisces, in the house, there is a tendency to frequent changes of residence. In fact, it’s a great time to open up conversations with loved ones, as you are more rational when it comes to personal matters now. Your mind often wanders to domestic concerns, and issues surrounding your home, family, and personal past. On the other hand, this transit sometimes indicates an especially busy, and perhaps hectic, period on the domestic scene.


Venus :

When Venus in here gives you a very strong inner need to express oneself  harmoniously and artistically .The home is often one’s “canvas” and the individual will always create a pleasant and beautiful  living space. There is a distinct liking for entertaining in the home and a deep appreciation of the  arts in all forms,People with Venus in this house are deeply reluctant to create social disharmony and will work hard to fix any perceived conflict between themselves and others. For the fourth house, you feel at your best when you’re playing host or hostess. You love having people over, enjoying the comforts of your home, and complimenting you on your  wonderfully decorated space.You take great pride in creating a place where people can relax and unwind, for you want the same thing


Mars :

In the fourth House reveals a constant undertone of irritability, restlessness,and high-strung emotions.There is a need to dominate any  domestic situation,and an exaggerated tendency to take offense or to feel slighted.If well placed,  the individual  hold within himself  a wealth of inner potency and a reservoir of strength.If mars is poorly placed in this domicile,it may indicate that the person comes from a child hood in which there was some measure of violence in the home- violence which the individual may continue to find in adulthood. However, they tend to operate on a very personal, hidden level; its energies are expended on the home life, and security. Their inner beauty is a Mars trait, but they hardly ever seem to express their Martian traits openly. Their exterior beauty is reflected and enhanced by their deep inner love and beauty


Jupiter :

Jupiter is here underscores a tendency to be accepting of other people and to welcome them into one’s ‘inner sanctum”for advice or protection.This sanctuary can take the form of  one’s home and or the comfort of one’s inner strength and wisdom.Jupiter in this position often indicates that a person comes from a wealthy or socially established family.even if this in not the case,the person feels that he or she possesses an internal wealth-often spiritual in nature that cannot be measured in financial terms. Relationships with parents and other family members go well. You may find special enjoyment in getting in touch with your roots or family traditions. You take a greater interest in long-term security and wellness for you and your family. There could be a family reunion. Your parents may help you financially or an inheritance is possible. You take more pleasure in nurturing others



Saturn :

In the fourth House indicates that a person comes from a traditional background,or from one in which personal liberty was somewhat suppressed.If Saturn is well placed, it point to a family life in which duty and responsibility dominated,adding honesty and forthright behavior to one’s nature.Depending on other astrological factors that round out the picture, Saturn in the fourth House can point either to a very  strict parent , or to the absence of the father in early childhood.sometimes it tells the astrologer that the individual was raised by the grandparents.  Saturn is the planet of ambition, structure and hard work. It is associated with “karma” because wherever it enters our lives it indicates a drive to perfect ourselves. If in detriment, fall or peregrine, the qualities of Saturn will be comparatively weak and negative in the individual, although they may develop more strength later in life. Saturn in the fourth house indicates deep emotional insecurity due to a lack of nurturing early in life, or being pushed by events to grow up too fast. The fourth house represents not only our home (both in childhood and later in life) but also our emotional center. Feeling inhibited in this area can result in a range of reactions from emotional coldness, aversion to others out of fear of rejection, becoming emotionally intimate too quickly, depression, and so on. Essentially these people are unable to nurture themselves, and therefore either demand too much nurturing from others or close themselves off completely



Uranus :

In the Fourth House can point to drastic or sudden change in one’s domestic life.It can also indicate an individual who is at odds with his or her background,and is therefor the “oddball” of the family.Multiple changes, especially of residence. You never quite feel secure enough to set down roots…always keeping a look out for a better opportunity, a better environment, a better living arrangement. Sometimes these moves are made out of a necessity and sometimes having to move is out of your control. Your home is a testament to the uniqueness of your lifestyle. As they are forced to adapt to new environments more than the average person. The decor could be bizarre, futuristic, with different tastes. The home could be filled with the latest technology.The individual tends to be socially  experimentation by nature,rebelling against all manner of routine behavior.



Neptune :

In the fourth House yields a highly impressionable nature and a very sensitive psyche.It often indicates a liking for living by the sea or by water in general.Neptune in this domicile also increases one’s urge for artistic self-expression .It stimulated the fantasy life and greatly heightens the imagination.Neptune may take it difficult for a person to a settle down  indeed, if often has exactly the opposite effect.In such case, a person may spend a life in search of a reality that may be impossible to find in the practical world. People with Pluto-4 can have a traumatizing childhood or family. You have an exceptionally strong need to be appreciated, particularly on romantic and creative levels. Your love life involves a lot of fantasy, and often your deep need for drama can lead you to see things that you want to see. Your romantic perceptions may not be accurate as a result. You might attract unusual, chaotic, or secretive circumstances in your love life if you are not spiritually content.



Pluto :

In the fourth House indicates the urge to transform the attachment to one’s family background and biological roots.Certain psychological patterns of behavior, often inherited from one’s mother, need to be overcome.The individual will spend a great deal of time and effort in the pursuit of a more  individualized sense of self.This is a powerful position to the Fourth , it can lead to rootlessness,constant change of residence under difficult conditions, and a certain tendency to self -destructive behavior. The family may have been torn apart, lost its home, and suffered bankruptcy. Pluto here is often deeply private and secretive about their early life. One of the best outlets for this placement is to “dig up” the family history, and explore old secrets.