Planet in the Eleventh House

What Will Happen When Planets, in the Eleventh House


The Sun in the eleventh House indicates that one has a strong need to integrate oneself into a larger social collective.This position can easily indicate someone with an interest in public welfare, who finds that groups and organizations will play a significant role in one’s life.


The Moon in the eleventh House can greatly stimulate one’s intuition about people. There is a tendency to have many different kind of friends, people from all walks of life and different social backgrounds. Friendship are highly important ,and relationships of all kinds are cultivated and nurtured.


Mercury in the Eleventh House points to the tendency for an intensely active life. This person moves around a great deal socially and has a wide range of friends and interests. There is a need to communicate on a large variety of subjects,and an ease with using those technological tools that make such communication possible.


Venus in the Eleventh House indicates again and benefit through associations and friends. It can also indicates that the individual has a wide range of love interest and many romantic experiences. The degree of fulfillment of one’s hops, wishes,and aspirations is closely connected to the quality and nature of one’s personal relationships.


Mars in the Eleventh House can be a troublesome position,for there is a tendency to use one’s friends and associates to further personal goals and  aspirations. Conflicts within groups and organizations are likely,if one has not learned how to integrate one’s own desires with the wises of the collective .If mars is well placed in this house,it can be a highly useful tool for furthering the ambitions of friends,and of the group to which one belongs.


Jupiter in the Eleventh House brings a great deal of good fortune from friendships and from one’s group affiliations. This person is likely to participate in some socially oriented spiritual group,such as the Masons or the Shriners .This is the person who enjoys social life and take great pleasure  in being among , and traveling with friends. This planets combination also indicates a person who wants to share his group’s beliefs with a wide range of people.


Saturn in the eleventh House give the tendency to have older or well-positioned friends in life. As Saturn is the natural co-ruler of this house,he feels very much at home here. Yet this position can be troublesome if Saturn is stodgy and insists  that the tradition of the past inhibit the more forward moving ideas and aspirations of one’s group of friends. It is a positive placement when such previous experiences serve as a platform for tomorrow ,and when the individual adds his or her understanding of life to collective plans and projects.


Uranus in the Eleventh House is a powerful placement,for it is the natural planetary ruler of this house. There is a great many opportunities  for sharing visions and concepts with various groups of people. This planets combination indicates a person with a wide range of friends,an individual who is unafraid to challenge the  status quo of his or her society or culture. Uranus in this position is highly experimental socially-it leads one into many different,possibly quite unusual,social experiences.


Neptune in the Eleventh House often indicates that discrimination is required in one’s choice of friends. If afflicted, Neptune in this position points to people who are dishonest,self abusive,and addicted to various harmful activities and substances. When well placed in the Eleventh ,there is a tendency to join religious and spiritual groups that support a deep urge to love and serve all people regardless of race or life orientation. Artistically,this position of Neptune is very good for participation in all forms of the entertainment groups,especially those that deal with film,music,or dance


Pluto in the Eleventh House can indicate the disappearance of friends who many years of later .resurface in one’s life. It also indicates the ability to be an intense transformative agent in group circumstances. This planet position can reveal a person who is able to bring new life and direction into the collective goals of any group or organization. Pluto in the Eleventh often acts as a devils advocate in social situations, stirring up what may be negative and hidden,thereby bringing to the surface new creative possibilities for all concerned.