Planes of Expression

Planes of Expression


The planes of expression play an important role in Numerology. In Numerology, the planes of expressions talks about how you act in real life. This is determined by your full birth name where in the letters of the alphabet corresponds to a certain plane of expression.


The Four Categories


There are four categories in planes of expression and they are Physical, Mental, Intuitive and Emotional. They are further subdivided into inspired or creative, mutable or adaptive and grounded or balanced. Numerologists follow a chart to determine where the letters fall and to know which plane dominates your life. Most people use numerology to see what trait they have and learn how to balance these four planes in everyday life. This is very useful especially when you are not sure which part of their personality exceeds the other.


Why Know the Four Planes?


Knowing the four planes is important to better understand your personality and how you act in society. This way, you will have the ability to know how you can cope up with various problems or situations in life. The four planes help us along the way. The Mental plane refers on your mental ability, how you assess things, and how you react. The Physical plane talks more about the physical attributes in your person. Are you a builder, a practical person? Do you tend to solve problems physically? When it comes to the Intuitive plane it refers to the development of your ideas, your intuition, and your spiritual awareness. The sub categories of the four plane shows where the letters of your name are more inclined to.


Here is a sample of the chart showing where the letters fall in the four planes and its sub categories.
















 F Q U Y


 G L

 D M


 C V


By plotting down your name, you can determine what plane is the most dominant in your life as well as your weak spots and how to overcome them. This chart provides you with a clearer picture of who you are and how you react to things as well as people around you.  Learning each of the elements in the chart can give you a clearer picture of your attitude towards life. Balancing the four planes can help create a better persona in you.