Planes of Expression – Temperament

Planes of Expression – Temperament


Numerology is known as the study of numbers and its relation to living things as well as objects. There are thousands of people today who use numerology in their life. For example, they use numerology in determining their future, their business and also their personality. With Numerology, you will know what personality trait is more visible in you. The term planes of expression deals with the way we react to situations in our everyday life. There are four planes of expression in numerology and these are Physical, Mental, Intuitive and Emotional. In order to determine which plane you are most likely to fall in, you get your full name and use it against the chart for numerology. Each letter in the alphabet falls in a certain category so you should write them down.


Four Planes


The four planes also have their sub categories which help narrow down where your personality is most inclined to. These are Inspired or Creative, Adaptable or Dual, Balanced or Grounded. These sub categories give you a better understanding of who you are and how you interact with others. Knowing how you express yourself with the aid of Numerology can go a long way. You can have a clearer picture of who you are and how you can better take stock of the things happening in your life.




Temperament also refers to the four categories mentioned above. To get which temperament dominates you, you need to use the Numerology chart and know where the letters of your full name fall into. Then get the percentage by dividing the number of letters in each temperament to the number of letters in your name. This will produce a decimal number and by moving the decimal two places to the right you will get your percentage.


Once you already have the percentage of the four temperaments you will know now which one is most likely dominant in your personality and which one is the weakest. Let us say that your Physical temperament is more dominant than the others. This means that you are the type of person that relies heavily on practical things and are more into reality. You look for physical solutions to the problems at hand.


However, knowing your weak points is good as well because this way you will know where to focus your strength. By successfully merging all the four temperaments you will be able to become a better individual and thus interacting with people easily.