February 19 – March 20


For individuals whose birthdays who fall between the dates of February 20 and March 20, they belong under the zodiac sign of Pisces.  These individuals are known for their compassionate hearts and their accepting spirits.  They are also liked for their imaginative and adaptable nature.


As for the negative traits, Pisces people can be overly sensitive that little things can get their backs up.  They may also be indecisive and escapists individuals who can get lazy and self pitying.


On Self


Pisces individuals have a complex personality.  In fact, it is difficult to pin down their emotions, so they usually seem like mysterious individuals.  They may also seem to be elusive to others, but when you are a friend of one, you will find that their hearts are full of compassion.  In fact, they easily get affected by the things around them, and when something pulls at their heartstrings, it affects them at their core.  For this reason, it is not surprising to see them show extreme happiness when they are happy and extreme sadness then they are sad.


There is one thing though that clearly differentiates them from other zodiac signs, and that is they have a very strong gut instinct.


On Other People


If there is one beautiful quality that can best describe a Pisces is that they will really extend a helping hand to a friend in need because they are very loyal to their loved ones.  However, they are easily attracted to people who have big problems because they love the thought of being needed, and when they get really affected by their friend’s problem, he or she is at risk of losing his identity.


On Love and Relationship


Pisces women captivate and fascinate men around her, and she exudes the “damsel in distress” aura where men will feel the need to cherish and protect her.  She exudes an all-feminine charm and can be considered as “ultimate enchantress.”  If you want to woo and court her, be sure that you are honest and upfront with her.  She has good instincts and can really read people, and if she suspects that you are playing her, she will simply withdraw from you.


The Pisces men are known as romantic and sensitive people; however, they easily fall out of love as soon as romance is gone.  They maybe the ultimate romantic guy, but he looks for other inspiration as soon as the relationship becomes mediocre.  For this reason, you have to keep the romance alive if you want to keep a Pisces man.