Pinnacle Phases

Pinnacle Phases

Pinnacle Phases


Numerology is the study of the relation between numbers and living things or objects. People use them to know their personality or something about their future. There is a part in numerology that deals with the changes in our lives may they be good or not. They are commonly referred to as pinnacles and have different phases. Without the pinnacles in our lives, there will be no great changes in our selves. A fin example will be those who are in good positions will soon lose all interest in their work while those who are struggling will probably lose any hope they have of getting out of their problems.


The Pinnacle


When we talk about Pinnacle in Numerology, we are referring to stages in our lives. They are often associated or likened to the four seasons namely spring, summer, autumn and winter. The first pinnacle is associated to the spring where in life is just beginning. The second is when you are starting to raise a family as well as the responsibilities that accompany it and is associated to the season of summer. The third pinnacle is about middle-age and how your judgment grows like in the autumn. The last pinnacle is associated with winter where all your life experiences are combined together.


Calculating the Pinnacle


The pinnacle phases are determined by numbers taken from the month, date and year of your birth. In order to do this you need to break down the components of your birth date into numbers. Let us say that you were born on November 8, 1983. That will be month = 2 (11 or 1+1) then date is 8 then the year is 3 (1+9+8+3=21; 2+1=3). To get the first period you need to combine the month and the date so that would be 2+8 =10 or 1 from our example. The second period can be derived from the date of birth and year. This would be 8+3 = 11 which is a master number. In the third pinnacle, you need to combine the first and second pinnacle which are 1 +11 =12; 1+2=3. Combine the month and year to get the fourth pinnacle. This would be 2 + 3 +5.


The pinnacle has different variations depending on the Life Path. This is the chart that numerologists follow in determining the pinnacle phases.


The pinnacles (age span for each of the 4 pinnacles)

 Life Path #

 1st Pinnacle

2nd Pinnacle

3rd Pinnacle

Final Pinnacle





54 & beyond





53 & beyond 





52& beyond





51& beyond





50 & beyond





49 & beyond





48 & beyond





47 & beyond





46 & beyond


Each has its own determining factor on how you live your life and how you face challenges everyday. Knowing what pinnacle phase you are can help you fix your weak points to be able to balance your self.