Paranormal Dreaming

Paranormal Dreaming


Paranormal DreamingParanormal Dreaming

Paranormal dreaming is a highly sophisticated dreaming channel happening to the mankind since ages. Basically, Paranormal dreaming involves significantly discrete dreams than what we normally perceive in our sub-conscious mind. Paranormal dreaming has many branches, like dream telepathy, future predictions, shared dreams, and lucid dreams.

These branches conclusively form a broader dreaming concept: Paranormal Dreaming. Many traditions take these paranormal dreams as the divine messages coming through our dreams for our future’s forecasts. Before understanding Paranormal Dreaming, one has to understand all the branches of it.

Everybody naturally thinks paranormal dreaming as an out of the box dreaming concept, which is true to some extent, coz it’s apart of what we normally witness throughout dreams. Perhaps, paranormal dreaming is a concept in line with its natural meaning whereby we come across many unusual events with or without our conscious involvements, and these events indeed have a significant sense for our future’s forecast.

Dream Telepathy

Dream telepathy is a part of paranormal dreaming that involves communicating messages through dreams. This is a kind of special power uphold within a specific individual whereby he can send his messages to a person living at distanced apart – through dreams. Dream telepathy is in existence since ages in every region and belief, and known to be a sole medium of communication in some ancient living cultures. But today, dream telepathy is a rare aptitude only found within highly experienced astrologers.

Future Prediction

Predicting the future through dreams is a well spread form of dreams existing today, perhaps, everyone, once in his lifetime, experiences this phenomenon. Future prediction forms an important part of paranormal dreaming where one pictures about an event within his dreams and, somehow, it happens to be true in future. This is also called as dreams forecasting wherein each and every element of a dream has a significant meaning for forecasting perspective. Like, falling, sailing, height, sinking, and etc., every dream action has a unique association with future’s event.

Shared Dreams

Shared dreams are the qualified example of the powers of paranormal dreams and their future affecting results. Shared dreams, as they suggest, are the dreams being shared by multiple human beings at a same time. Since it’s a complicated concept, only skilled individuals can impart in shared dreams for their mutual beneficial purposes. Many believe share dreams are the contemporary phenomenon, which has no relevance with our ancient science of dreaming, but it’s not true. Share dreams have always been in existence, but earlier they were constrained to some specific groups of astrologers, and now they are a well-known concept.