Numerology Core Numbers

Numerology Core Numbers

Numerology Core NumbersNumerology Core Numbers


Everywhere we look we always see numbers. Scientists and even religious groups use numbers in their studies. Numerology refers to the relation of numbers with the things we see as well as in ourselves. In Numerology, there are five numbers that make up its core and these are the ones that we get from our birth dates as well as our full name. These core numbers help us in determining our characteristics as well as predisposition to others. The five core numbers are as follows: Life Path Number, Birth Day Number, Soul Urge Number, Expression Number and Personality Number.


The Life Path Number


The Life Path Number is considered to be the most important core number in Numerology. The reason behind this is that it indicates your mission in life as well as your destiny which can be derived from the name of the number.


The Birth Day Number


The Birth Day Number on the other hand is directly linked to the Life Path Number. It tells you about a latent talent that you have that can help you accomplish lots of things in your life.


The Soul Urge Number


The Soul Urge Number refers to what you desire the most. It provides you an insight on what you really want in life. Here, you will find qualities that can be of great motivation to you to achieve the things you want.


The Expression Number


The Expression Number or sometimes called the Destiny Number talks about what kind of person you may want to be or to become in the long run. The Expression Number shows you what kind of person you are while the Life Path Number shows you the road you will be taking in this life. The Expression Number gives you an insight on who you can be in the future and should you take necessary steps in fulfilling them.


The Personality Number


The last core number is the Personality Number. This provides you an overview of what aspects in your life you are ready to share with those people around you. This shows exactly what your peers see in you when they first meet you.


These core numbers are here to give you an idea on what you can be in the long run. Depending on what you are looking for, these numbers can help you a great deal in determining who you really are and how you see yourself in the future. Numerology can go a long way when it comes to finding out your true self as well as finding your purpose in life.