9 Personalities

Number 9 Personalities


All persons born 9-18-27 and those born on any date having the fadic number 9 and those having their name value in 9 come under this fold.


These people are of moderate height and well built.  Their chest is broad and their voice will be strong and generally of high pitch.  They walk with military steps.  They are good eaters and have quick digestion.  They are masculine in tendency.


The presiding deity of Mars they are usually beautiful and full of valour.  In temperament, certain amount of aggressiveness may also be seen.  They have the capacity to face any situation in the life map.  They are confident and optimistic.  They have determined views.  The Line of Head in the palm runs through the Mars Mounts.  When the Head Line is not properly seen or when the palm surface is hollow they are not noted for courage and they do not have the capacity to fight against the odds of life. 


The correct combination of this number is 4 plus 5 as seen in the Sastras.  If you add up the numbers 1 to 9 it is 45.  The next good combination is 2 plus7.  Mars moves tat the average rate of 45 days for 30 degrees (a Rasi).


In the lower standard and in the case of under developed persons 9 takes very many forms not pleasant for writing.  In short, criminal brain is seen.