Number 8 Personalities

Number 8 Personalities

Number 8 PersonalitiesNumber 8 Personalities


All persons born on 8-17-26 and those born on any date having the fadic number 8 and those having the name value is 8 come under this fold. 


Saturn is the slow moving planet and is considered as the giver of pain and misery.  He weights every individual and gives the pain and pleasure as per his Karma.  He is the ruler of fate.  In our limited knowledge we cannot know our past Karma.  So, what we experience is the result of past Samskaras.

Man wants to get away from pain and wants pleasure, “Santhosham” This pleasure cannot be defined well.  What is pleasure?  Smoking gives pleasure and happiness to Mr. A Eating Resagulla give pleasure to b. Going to the house of ill-fame gives pleasure to C.  Sitting inside the room and concentrating on Lord gives pleasure to D.  the pleasure defined by A, B &C is pain to D.  Mr. C consider D as a fool who cannot enjoy life.  But in reality for the awakened man the activities of A, B & C are Poisson and verily A-B-C build up bad Samskaras to repent in future births.


The Saturn, the mightily planet, takes careful note of the activities of every one and daily writes his ledgers.  He is very prompt in the maintenance of individual ledger and the moment the evil actions exceed the sum total of good actions he pulls him down in a few minutes.  Mr. X was a black-market man.  He had several thousands is the bank.  The bank crashed overnight.  Mr. X was worth on the next day only a few hundreds.  Mr. Y was occupying a very high and responsible position involving the lives of corers of people Mr. Y was puffed up with false prestige and said that Sastras are man-made.  He never visited any temple nor recited on line of Gita.  Saturn thought that he should be punished.  No-confidence motion was brought against Mr. Y.  The next day he was dethroned.  These are not stories.  Read the papers and you will see such news. 


In the physical side, number 8 people are the tallest with thick hair.  They walk facing the gound and rarely look at the wall posters.  They respect family prestige and will be on proper analysis.  There will be reason and soundness in arguments.  Being reserved intheir talk they measure the world and speak with severed in their talk they measure the words and speak with severity.  They are patient and untiring.  They are studious at work.  It will be hard for other  to reject their advice. 


They will sit for several nights to reconcile the difference one paise.  In the account.  There is doubt in them.  The doubting nature drives them to do research on the reasons for many ways.  Majority of 8 persons are not dishonest.  They lead a simple life, duty bound, and plod on quietly and think that their suffering are due to fate.  They are calm.  They do not take delight in dance shows or dinners.


In due course these 8 types get into religious fold and as time rolls on, Lord Saturn is pleased and weans them off from all bad Samskaras and gives them riches and comforts just to meet their demand.  Here also the Lord is merciful.  He does not give much, probably for the reason that if there is too much wealth their mind may be diverted away from the Lord.


In the case of the other type, Lord Saturn weights these people and bestows much upon them for their past good karmas if they have to enjoy, bungalow (for having given shelter in some birth to a Sanyasi or to a man coming for protection from rain) good care and conveyances (for having shown the correct path for a blind man or for protecting an old or sick man from falling, in previous birth or for having done pradakshina of the emple of Lord Narayana in some other birth).  He gives money far above wants – at a multiple ratio for the charity done in some other birth.  But these people think they are will off on account of their present merits and enjoy the wealth and think that the world is in their hands.  But alas! These people experience severe falls in life.  When they fall, they never come up.



Saturn in the giver of longevity.  Nobody can avoid his plays in life.  Every 7th day is his day.  He wants you to pray for him at least once a week.  You cannot go near him for riches.


When you are a 8 man, either come away from it so that you may not overdraw your accumulated good Samskaras of previous birth.