Number 4 Personalities

Number 4 Personalities


All those born on 4-13-33-31 and born on any date having the fadic number 4 and all those who have their name ending in 4 come under this group.


The number 4 persons are often met with.  Before we analyse the qualities of these persons it will be better to grasp some of the important features of Rahu


This planet is a controversial one in astrology, astronomy and mythology as one writes.  This is also duly respected and has the ruling period for 18 years.  Everyday this planet is taken to be powerful for certain hours (1½ ) and nothing auspicious is generally done.  Its existence is generally seen well during eclipses.  The word Rahu itself means, one who covers the Sun.  So it goes without saying that 4 goes with 1.


Taking the popular view held in astrology he is exalted in Vrishabha.  Kethu his colleague about whom we will see further, is taken as its antipode and takes reverse position.  Rahu is taken as the natural mafic of great power.  But he is also taken as Gnanankaraka, wisdom of higher stages.  In lower stages he is the giver of mental agitation.  He partakes of the qualities of Saturn.


This  number is also common to us as the four directions with 4 other subsidiary directions, making 8 in all.


In Gita, Lord Krishna says in 4th chapter 8th slokas “For the protection of the good, for the diestruction of the wicked and

for the establishment of righteousness, I am born in every age.”


In the 8th chapter 13th sloka the Lord says, uttering the one-syllabled “OM” – the Brahman and remembering me, he who

departs, leaving this body attains the supreme goal.


The first sloka in (4-8) in the clue of his avatars and the second sloka (8-4) is the clue to attain final bliss.  These two are often quoted by many. 


Regarding the affinity between 4 and 8, I like to quote from kamba Ramayana;

Shree Rama, Lakshmanan, Bharatha, Satrughuna were 4 in numbers Bharatha says to kowsalya;


            “we four with one more, Guha, we have become five


Dowsalya replies;


            May you the four with Guha, the five rule for long years.

I am bringing these facts to press that numbers have living forces behind them used in may ancient writings with importance.


            Coming to the subject, this number sometimes gives undue imaginations to the mind.  People are likely to take the opposite views in everything.  They like to break up old customs and set up new laws.  ( The movement of this plant is from east to west Apasvya unlike others),  These people may be considered as the store-house of information from A to Z and most of such information may not be required for practical life. 


There are several rich persons under 4.  But the way in which they spend the wealth is quite surprising.


This number has more beneficial results in trade mark of certain things than on human lives.  Prominet automobile concern and transport concern has 13 as trade mark.  All India fame steel manufacturer concern is a 22.