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Number 3 Lucky Dates

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The favourable dates are 3-12-21-30-9-18-27.  The next good dates are 7-25-2-11-20-29.  I have added these 2 and 7 after research.  When the date number is 7 or 25 and the total ending number is a 3 or when the date number is 2-11-20-29 and the ending number is a 3, then it can be taken as a good day.  The dates 6-15-24 are Bad.  The theory that 3-6-9 are one group and that on that basis 6 dates are also good cannot be applied.  Jupiter does not consider Venus as friend and this basic principle cannot be under estimated.  Suppose the date number is a 3 and the ending number is a 6, the analysis of this date require careful research.  I am of the view that tit is a bad date for Jupiterians of the number 3.