Number 2 Personalities

Number 2 Personalities

Number 2 PersonalitiesNumber 2 Personalities


All those who are born on 2-11-20-29 and all those born on any date having the fadic number 2 and persons who have their name ending in 2 number come under this group. 


This type is a pleasant type in one way that they are likely to be refined.  The imaginative faculty is well seen with this number.  Fiction writers, music composers, yogis, great politicians are seen in this number.  In the physical appearance these people are freshly and stout unless the other number gives a slender frame.  Some people do not become stout on account of higher form of spirituality by fasts and yogic diet etc.


Their eyes are round and sometimes watery.  Their ears are small, with soft hair, big lips and thick chin.  The abdomen is generally bulging.  From the very slight you can say he is a 2 person.


These people are dreamy and sometimes build castles in the air and plan great enterprises.  In the case of under developed persons these plans rarely go into action.  By nature these people are religious and chaste.  They are often found of discussing spiritual subjects.  The number 2 person does not like to remain in company and they retire in solitude to think and reflect upon the various problems.  Doubting tendency and wavering mind is also unique quality.  By the very fact the Moon owns Cancer these people are Water Babies and found of water.  Several young boys who learn swimming at a tender age generally come under this number.


When life is a failure invariably these 2 persons end their lives by drowning.  Sight seeing is one of the important liking. 

Ladies of 2, are noted for patience, and sacrificing attitude.  Moon is Divine Mother and Mother is always kind.  We cannot neglect Moon too much.  Her rays are essential for our welfare.  Ladies by nature are patient and have sacrificing mind.  When such is the case how 2 numbers alone can be taken as sacrificing? Yes.  A lady under 9 numbers may not have so much degree for sacrificing mind as a 2 numbers lady. 


On the reverse side, when imagination ends in confusion such people waste their lives.  Slow in moving, with fear in the background on false notions like ghosts etc., they go for talisman.  In the case of te number 2 ladies when Moon is not seen well in the horoscope they should be properly taken care of during puberty age. 


They should not be allowed to have depression of moods or develop unnecessary fear.  Note this point carefully.