Number 1 Lucky Date

Lucky Date1-10-19-28


The dates of 1-10-19-28 are good.  Also the dates ending in 1 number are good.  The bad dates are 8-17-26 and the dates ending in 8.  the dates 4-13-22-31 are often prominent are many striking events take place.


In finding out lucky dates no author has hitherto given a complete picture.  Take for instance a date for 1 personality.  The dates 1-10-19-28 are good.  See the date 1-6-1963 or 10-6-1963, or 19-6-1963 or 28-6-1963.  This has the number 1 and 8.  Is this a lucky date on the consideration that the date number is 1 , or an unlucky date as per the conclusion that the ending number is a 8?  This is surely a bad date since the ending number shows the combined effect. 


In finding out the lucky week day, Sunday is good