Mount of Plam




Mounts and Meanings


The mounts of the hand are named after the planets and reflect the mythological qualities associated with them.

The Mount of the Venus (1) ,Named after the goddess of love, is the area at the base of the thumb , under which the main blood vessel of the hand runs. This relates it to passion and health.

The Mount of Jupiter (2) ,named after the king of the gods , also known as Zeus,is at the base of the first finger. It represents ambition,enthusiasm and a will to win.

The Mount of Saturn (3) ,lies at the base of the third finger and relates to the need for solitude and indicates a studious frame of mind.

The Mount of the Sun (4) ,is at the base of the third finger and is also called the mount of Apollo. It indicates artistic sensibilities and imaginative qualities

The Mount of Mercury (5) ,at the base of the tittle finger is named after the messenger of the gods and indicates personal and professional communication skills


The Mount of Mars (6 and 7), both reflect the qualities of the god of war. The upper mounts found below  the mercury,shows personal determinations. The lower mounts,between the mounts of  of Jupiter and Venus show self assertion. The mount of Venus ,above the wrist, relates to subconscious drives and unconscious instincts, As with all features of the hand, the mounts are affected by the lines and features which define and cross them,
The Mount of Venus: The most influential of the mounts is often thought to influence all the others. With the life line defining it at all the ball of the thumb,it should have no extreme features,such as being too bold too lined or too big which would presage over-indulgence on several fronts,It should be higher than all the others,emphasasing a joy for life and love. Well shaped within the life line is an omen for good long life,even if the line itself appears flawed. An underdeveloped Venus,flat and small, shows lack of vitality and passion and a cold,introverted nature.


The Mount of Jupiter: A gregarious and outgoing personality is reflected, together with charisma and inspirational qualities. Leadership ability,akin to Leo in astrology ,in politics, business or social life, can border on the obsessive if the mount is too prominent. Complemented by sympathetic fingers and lines,a true leader is at hand ,whilst a flat mount shows limited self-esteem,ambition and social skills.


The Mount of Saturn: this show the inner search for truth,with a healthy gift of self-appraisal. Saturn is the judge,between independence and dependence, emotional stability and instability,with a high degree of self -awareness. If over developed, a balance nature can be upset,sensible introspection can become mental rigidity and fidelity can become obsessive and possessive.


The Mount of the Sun: Apollo’s love of beauty and creativity shines like the sun god. A normal of medium mount suggests an artistic soul,as an artist or lover of beauty. Creativity can be expressed in the fine arts as well as cookery,performing or in the medical field. If over developed, this mount can suggest  a need for pleasure and fame for its own sake. Loving beautiful things can lead to an attraction to surface values. A weal mount suggests a slothful mind, closed to what the world can offer.


The Mounts of Mars: The upper mount is best when firm to touch ,which shows self-determination courage in personal and work situation in linked to self-esteem and a degree of stubbornness born out of self-preservation . A pronounced mount ,raised and very firm to touch ,cannot take a firm take these traits to the limits,with bullying and aggression to the fore. A soft mount suggests that a person’s is a soft touch and cannot take a firm stance on any issue. The lower mounts reflects an ability to overcome emotional and physical obstacles. When pronounced as it is close to the mount of Venus ,a great sexual appetite can be expected. When under developed , there is an underlying timidity and an inability to face challenge, either emotional or professional.


The Mount of Luna: This is the guide to the innermost feelings and subconscious drives. It shows our spiritual nature and atavistic feelings.  The more pronounced it is ,the greater the intuitive and imaginative powers. If also gauges an individual’s need and ability to nurture ideas and fellow beings.