Meaning of Ten Planets

Meaning of Ten Planets

The ten planets and their meaning in relation to each zodiac sign

The sun
is the ruler of the sign of Leo. Of course not everybody has their Sun placed in the sign of Leo. So what does it mean if your Sun sing is Capricorn or Scorpio? In astrology, the Sun represent certain characteristic such as core personality, primary motivation and creative drive. However, the Sun also takes on the characteristic of the zodiac sign it was in  when  you were born. So a person with a Sun in Capricorn, for example will be practical and ambitious, while a person with their Sun in Scorpio will tend to be emotional and intense.

The Sun gives light and heat to all plants and animals without it nothing could survive. For this reason, the Sun is associated with the central life force of the personality. It is also associated with will-power,creativity, authority,self expression,strength and vitality.

Sun in Aries
Confident,assertive and competitive, with a strong sense of individuality, you are quick-witted and adventurous,but can also be selfish.

Sun in Taurus
Productive,reliable and artistic, you enjoy possession and respond strongly to the five sense, but may have difficulty changing habits.

Sun in Gemini
Talktative and very interested in ideas, you have many interested and social contacts, but can be changeable or inconsistent.

Sun in Cancer
Sensitive emotional and nurturing, with strong mothering qualities, you are happiest in a familiar, safe environment, but can be moody, changeable, withdrawn and self-protective.

Sun in Leo
Warm, friendly, and generous, you are dramatic, confident and creative, but can also be child-like and demanding. You are very proud and enjoy attention.

Sun in Virgo
Modest, shy,intelligent and analytical, you enjoy helping others. You want to perfect things and are interested in self- improvement.

Sun in Libra
Fair,just, sociable,intelligent,graceful and talented, you love beauty and place importance in relationships, but can also be indecisive or try too hard to please others.

Sun in Scorpio
Determined and intense, with very strong emotions, you wish to transform yourself and others, but can be controlling and obsessive.

Sun in Sagittarius
Idealistic, optimistic, friendly, adventurous and open minded, you are moral and philosophical, but may be insensitive to others.

Sun in Aquarius
Friendly, intelligent, humanitarian, independent and unique, you can also be rebellious, detached and impersonal.

Sun in Pisces
Sensitive, inspired, artistic, compassionate and vulnerable, you can also be vague,evasive and unfocused. Faith is important to you.


The moon gives light in the darkness and its face changes shape every night. The moon reflects the Sun’s rays, which are the source of its light. The Moon in the second most prominent body in the sky and represents our emotions,our roots, home, family and the ‘mother’ archetype. The Moon governs our inner, intuitive nature, our instincts and our habits.

Moon in Aries
Self-reliant and confident in expressing yourself, you enjoy new experience and are action-oriented. Impatient and direct, you react forcefully and can be self-centre and insensitive.

Moon in Taurus
You are sensual- enjoying food, touch, beauty,nature and experience in the moment. You can also be slow to react or change and stubborn or possessive.

Moon in Gemini
Curious,intelligent and changeable, you enjoy variety and are able to do more than one activity at a time, but you can also become scattered. You need to verbalize your feelings.

Moon in Cancer
Sensitive, intuitive and protective, with a good sense of timing, you seek security  and are nurturing towards your self and others. However you can also be moody and hold on to the past.

Moon in Leo
Warm, generous, enthusiastic, proud,confident, creative , humorous, and  child-like, you can also be insensitive to other people’s feelings.

Moon in Virgo
Modest, and shy, you enjoy serving others in practical ways, but may lack confidence. You tend to analyze and refine your feelings.

Moon in Libra
Gracious and eager to please, you have a strong sense of fair play and need harmonious relationships. You can also be indecisive or lack spontaneity.

Moon in Scorpio
Intense, passionate, complex, mysterious, purposeful and secretive, you have very deep feelings and fear letting go or being vulnerable.

Moon in Sagittarius
Enthusiastic, idealistic and optimistic, you are tolerant and board-minded, but can be pretentious at times. You love freedom and enjoy traveling and the outdoors.

Moon in Capricorn
Determined, dutiful, cautious and protective of  others, you need to be in control of your emotions and may be manipulative if feelings insecure.

Moon in Aquarius
Objective, freedom-loving and humanitarian, with unusual and unpredictable emotional reaction, you can be aloof and out of touch with your inner feelings.

Moon in Pisces
Compassionate, empathetic, vulnerable, you are very imaginative spiritual and self- sacrificing, but can be evasive and vague.



Mercury was the Roman messenger -god who carried information between the deities and mankind. Mercury rules communication, the mind, education, short distance travel and small children. Mercury is also known as the trickster.

Mercury in Aries
Attracted to new experience and ideas, which you are able to grasp quickly, you communicate confidently and directly, but can be insensitive to other people’s opinions.

Mercury in Taurus
Show and careful in expressing thoughts, you have a practical, steady mind that learns slowly, holds fixed attitudes and may lack spontaneity.

Mercury in Gemini
Quick and clever, changeable, curious and nervous, you are able to use various forms of communication for different situations and type of people, but you can be superficial at times.

Mercury in Cancer
Sensitive and emotional, with a good memory, you learn by absorbing information. You are in intuitive communicator, but must feel secure before opening up to others.

Mercury in Leo
Intuitive rather than logical, you communicate with drama, humor and dignity. You are creative and proud, but can be egotistical.

Mercury in Virgo
A practical, logical and critical thinker, you are a specialist, with  helpful ideas for other people, but may be negative or narrow in your viewpoints.

Mercury in Libra
Diplomatic and intelligent, you are a gracious communicator with creative ideas. You seek objectively and balance, but can be indecisive.

Mercury in Scorpio
Perceptive and secretive, you are a powerful and passionate communicator, you are interested in mystery and research, but your emotions can interfere with objectivity.

Mercury in Sagittarius
Optimistic,idealistic and broad-education and are a bluntly honest communicator. You value higher education and are able to tech others, although you tend to be careless and may over- generalize.

Mercury in Aquarius
Futuristic and humanitarian in outlook, you are intelligent, idealistic, and an inventive, experimental thinker. However you can be erratic, or even extreme in your attitude.

Mercury in Pisces
You are an imaginative thinker who is sensitive, idealistic, compassionate and poetic. You can be quiet psychic and mystical, but may daydream or be confused at time.