Master Numbers

Master Numbers

Master Numbers


Everything that we see in this world or outside of it is governed by numbers. Scientists prove facts by using equations and such. In Numerology, numerologists use numbers to determine a person’s personality, the outcome of a relationship, and to determine what the future holds for them. One of the numbers that can come up when determining your life path is called the Master Numbers.


What are the Master Numbers?


Master Numbers are basically the numbers 11, 22, and 33. When talking about Master Numbers, these are the numbers that have a greater value than the rest because they are often fully charged, needs to be handled carefully and can be difficult to integrate into one’s life especially if you are those whose Life path numbers fall in a Master Number. Those who do not have an idea on what trait dominates their life can use Numerology to get an overview of inherent skills and traits. Each of the Master Number has a specific characteristic that you can use to your advantage to make yourself a better person.


Master Number 11


For those who fall in Master Number 11, you are characterized as someone having great intuition. Of all the numbers in Numerology your intuitive skills are prominent. The number 11 is often considered as a dreamer. It has all the aspects of the number 2 but with more charisma and leadership qualities. It is also characterized as a number that has a dual purpose, either positive or negative. Knowing which one is inherent in you can help you towards balancing yourself. The number 11 is also associated to psychics having well developed intuition.


Master Number 22


The Master Number 22 is the Master builder. It is the strongest among the Master Numbers because it is more on the physical aspect of the person. The person that falls in this Master Number is goal oriented and has the highest success rate as well. It also combines the intuitive nature of 11 and the practical nature of the number 4. However, if these traits are not harnessed right, those who are under Master Number 22 can be wasting their talents. The negative side of 22 is that they can shirk from their duties or suffer from bottling their emotions at a very young age without any outlet.


Master Number 33


The last Master Number is 33 and is often referred to as the Teacher in the Master Numbers. It is the combination of the first two Master Numbers to generate better potential. Its highest form is not focused on the intuitive nor the physical aspect but more on uplifting mankind through spiritual awareness. Most people who fall in this category are devoted to their cause or goal.