Lucid Dreams

Lucid Dreams

Lucid Dreams

Lucid Dreams are the most fascinating dreaming concept these days. Simply define; Lucid Dreams are those dreams wherein a dreamer is well aware of his dream, i.e., person is completely aware of that he’s actually dreaming. Lucid Dreams can either be cent percent lucid, or they can be realized in between of the dreams, like when someone is flying, sinking, or doing any other impossible action.

Lucidity in dreams is rather spontaneous than planned, coz no ordinary human being can initiate a Lucid Dream by himself, as it takes lots of practice and thorough knowledge of dream’s organizing for a better Lucid Dream session. Another Lucid Dream’s phenomenon is the ability to perform unachievable tasks without fear of any untoward happenings. Perhaps, everyone in his lifetime must have encountered a dreaming session where he somehow gets aware that he is dreaming. Even Lucid Dreams allow the individual to significantly control the dream’s progress to his favor.

Recent Exaggeration

The concept of Lucid Dreams has recently been exaggerated when a Hollywood movie brilliantly displayed the Lucid Dreaming concept in reality. It exhibited the Lucid Dreaming alongwith shared dreaming concept that enabled several peoples to participate in a single dreaming event with a well conscious mind. Perhaps, the combination of these two dreaming concepts empowers lots of pre-planned objectives to be fulfilled. In reality, Lucid Dreams are broadly similar to what is shown in the movie where a dreaming person can intentionally initiate his activities. Today, Lucid Dreams is a well-known concept yet with lots of eagerness to explore the divine dreaming experience to a larger extent.

Though, Lucid Dreams have always been in our lifestyle, but recently this concept has seen a rapid growth among its spanned followers.

Mastering Planned Lucid Dreams

Though, Lucid Dreams are the most difficult dreaming concept to master, coz no one can control his dreams, otherwise whole natural dreaming concept will be vanished. Besides, many think dreams are the journey of our spirit beyond our body and time, which has a message for us related to our past or future. Astrologically, too, dreams have a significant force to forecast someone future events. Yet, many, after thoroughly practicing the concept, can build a blissful power to create lucidity in most of the dreams they perceive. It involves several spanned training sessions with our conscious mind and imitating as if we’re dreaming. Additionally, nowadays, there’re lots of resources available to learn and master the Lucid Dreaming powers.