Life's Blueprint

Life’s Blueprint

Life’s BlueprintLife's Blueprint

Each of us is a compilation of GOD or gathering of deities, represented by the combination of the numeric frequencies 1 through 9.

In fact, all of creation is composed combinations derived from the purity of these numbers.

The core energy of he GOD energies is also described as spirit, source, cosmos. All that is oneness, creator and God. Whatever we call it, this core energy needs to be stepped down to be used.

We can use a lightning bolt as an analogy. In its pure state, the electricity locked within the lightning can kill us. However, when we harness this power through transformers that can lower its charge, it become useable.

It can heat our homes, run our factories, cook our food, or light our cities. Similarly, the GOD energy needs to be modified so that creation can take place. When the nine numbers combine their essences, they form a tenth energy, the energy of zero. For science, this is the source of the big bang.
In between lifetimes we choose to be part of the creatiive process by melding our potential energies with the energy of the cosmos We review our lives with the God energy beforconsciously deciding what we will do in our upcoming life.

We look at what we have mastered, avoided, refused to release, screwed up, done to excess, and completed. We then decide on th challenges we still need to work on. One of our final acts prior to entering the earthly realm, we create a psychological, emetional blueprint of what we intend to experience when we reach our birth destination. This blueprint is composed of the letters of our name, the numbers of our birthday, and the family we choose to join.