Life Blueprint – 02

Life Blueprint – 02

Your birth date represents your destiny. This is not a given; it is something you move toward.

Your firt name represents your physical self, health,, fiances, professional relationships, and how you behave every day.blueprint

Your middle name represents your emotional self: your social emotional behavior patterns, especially in relationships, it is the key to how you behave emotionally and they type of partners to whom you are attracted. Individuals, or cultures, that have no middle name have chosen to focus on learning how to balance their emotions. When there are multiple middle names, they are squeeze”
together to form one name for purpose of analysis.

Your last name represents the dynamics within the family you have chosen, birth or adoptive. If you were adopted, your birth family either owed you a debt or you owed them; in either case your birth canceled the debt.

The vowels in your birth name represent your purpose in life, past life patterns, and the soul’s direction.

The consonants, much like the drive shaft in an automobile, represents the energy that drives the physical, emotional, and mental aspects of your ego self. Many of these energy patterns are hidden from public view

The total of the letters in your name represents how others see you the type of work you prefer, and how you interact with the world.