LeoJuly 23 – August 22


 Leo the Lion.  If your birthday happens to be between the dates of July 23 and August 21, then consider yourself a lion, and you possess the qualities of one. 

You are confident in yourself and in your abilities as well as ambitious, and you are also loyal to your loved ones. 

Leo people can be generous to a fault and they give ample encouragement to their loved ones, but Leo people can also be domineering and stubborn.  They are also known for their vanity and their tendency to be overly melodramatic.  Another trait that Leo people have is that they can be pretentious at times.


On Self


Leo can be very vain indeed.  They have their confidence to show and their independence to admire, but they have the habit of wanting to control their surroundings and the events around them.  They also want to be admired and appreciated more often than other people, and they are happier when they are in the limelight and there are people looking up to them.  But for all the attention that they get and seem to crave, they crave privacy.


When Leos encounter a problem, they easily bounce back, and before you know it, they have their problems under control.


On Other People


Since Leos are not the only people who are stubborn, it can become quite a match when they meet another person just as stubborn as they are.  They do not take kindly to people ordering them around, and they do not easily give in to the demands of others.  Once they have made up their own minds, it is so difficult to sway their opinions; however, they will listen to what you have to say.


If there is one thing though that will get their defenses up and awaken their anger is people who are used to imposing their beliefs on other people.  But when it comes to friends and loved ones, you can rest assured that they are cherished, loved, and protected by the feisty Leo.


On Love and Relationship


Leo, whether a man or woman, craves attention, so when you hook up with a Leo partner, be sure to lavish him or her with attention and adoration.  They will want your praise, but they will not tell you so because their pride will not let them.  Ignore a Leo, and you are sure to receive the cold shoulder.  However, when a Leo falls in love with you, you are sure to have a very passionate relationship.