Know Your Personal Year

Know Your Personal Year


If there are a lot of things that you are uncertain of in the coming year, then it will surely help you to take a look at your Personal Year.  But how can knowing your Personal Year help you with major decisions, and how can you use it to your advantage?


Calculating Your Personal Year


It is easy to calculate your personal year.  All you have to do is to use this formula.  Add your birth month to your day of birth and to the universal year, and the sum of it is your personal year.  For example, your birth month is 8 and your day of birth is 15.  Add them together, and you get 14, now add 1 and 4, and it gives you 5.  As to the universal year, you have 2010, which gives you 3.  Add 5 and 3, and you will get 8 as your Personal Year.


Personal Years


There are nine Personal Year rhythms, and they all work through the vibrations of 1 to 9.  Here are the meanings of these numbers.


If you get a 1, you should open yourself up to new ideas and embrace the energy you feel.  This is the best year to go about following your dreams, so do not waste your time.


If you get a 2, this means that you will have to cooperate with people in order to finish any project that you might have had started last year.  This year will require that you have to have patience for the continuation of your project.


If you get a 3, then be prepared for a year filled with activity.  But however much exciting this year could be for you, remember to always keep your emotions in check as this year is also a very emotional one.


If you get a 4, make sure that you put attention in little details so as to continue your projects.  Do not procrastinate as it can stop your progress, but be sure, too, that you do not overwork yourself as this is also a year for physical ailments.


Year 5 gives you rewards made for the past year and progress in your project.  There will be a lot of opportunities that will come your way, so be sure to not pass them up.


Year 6 is a year for family and friends and a year for your coworkers, too, so cultivate relationships and reconnect with loved ones.  If you are successful in attending to all your responsibilities, then you can expect a very fruitful year.


Year 7 gives you a bit of a rest where you can reflect and understand yourself more.  This is the perfect year to look for a deeper understanding of your life.


Year 8 is the best year to share your reflections to others, and this is also the year where you will feel the need to make big decisions and feel the beginnings of new ambitions as a new cycle begins.


Year 9 is probably the most “personal” year for you as projects that you have started near their completion.  This is the best time to get involved with your loved ones, and you will feel the need to let go of unnecessary baggage and look forward to new opportunities.