Key Words Used in Numerology

Key Words Used in NumerologyKnow the Key Words Used in Numerology


Numerology is the belief that there are relationships between numbers and tangible objects.  In fact, numerology is a very ancient practice of divination that early mathematicians have used time and time again; however, this practice has declined over time.  Today, numerology is commonly linked with the occult.


The Positive and Negative Meanings


The numbers commonly used in numerology are 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 11 and 22, and these 11 numbers are being utilized to interpret the numerology chart.  However, before anything else, you must understand that the numbers used in numerology has both a positive and a negative meaning.


The number 1 is associated with initiative, and it also signifies independence as well as leadership.  On the downside, the number 1 also means aggressiveness and dominance.


The number 2 is associated with cooperation and flexibility.  It also speaks of sensitivity and consideration to the needs and feelings of others.  Its negative meaning though is shyness and timidity.


The number 3 is associated with expressing oneself and the love of life and arts.  It also talks of being imaginative, creative, and artistic.  On the downside, this could also mean self centeredness and a lack of direction, resulting to unfinished projects.


The number 4 is associated with level-headedness and excellent managerial skills.  It also speaks of a strong attention to detail and a propensity to order and steady growth.  Its negative meaning, on the other hand, is associated with stubbornness and close-mindedness, and argumentative.


The number 5 talks of expansiveness, curiosity, love of exploring, a quick mind, and versatility and flexibility; however, its negative meaning also talks of discontentment and restlessness.  It is also associated with making hasty decisions and impatience.


The number 6 is about the sense of responsibility and a sympathy and love for people.  This also talks of selflessness.  Its negative meaning though is self righteousness and stubbornness.  It is also associated with a meddlesome and egotistic attitude.


The number 7 deals with analytical minds, intelligence, and one who loves peace and quiet.  On the downside, it also talks of rigid principles and someone who is an introvert.


The number 8 talks of someone who is a leader and an authoritarian.  This also relates more to people who make good judgments.  However, its negative meaning points to being a workaholic and someone who is impatient.


The number 9 is also associated with selflessness, someone who has a very giving nature and possesses a strong humanitarian instinct.  But its downside speaks of moodiness and the need for peer attention.


The number 11 is closely associated with number 2; however, it tends to deal more with the spiritual aspect.


The number 12 is also closely related to number 4.