Illustraions of Names and Numbers

Illustraions of Names and Numbers

Illustraions of Names and NumbersAs it is impossible in a book of this size to go into every shade of the occult significance of numbers that spring from foundation of 1 to 9, I must confine myself to giving a few illustrations of how to use the numbers allotted to the letters of the Hebrew alphabet for the purpose of showing how Destiny appears interwoven with numbers and names.

The great napoleon originally wrote his name as Napoleon Buonaparte. Later on in his life he changed it to Napoleon Bonaparte.

This change had a curious significance:

Napoleon equals in numbers a 5

Buonaparte equals in numbers a 5

The number 5, as I showed earlier in these pages, is considered a magicl number and was carried by the ancient Greeks as a mascot when they went into battle. The two numbers of 5, if added, producing 10, are equally important and strangely significant in this case.

When Napoleon altered the spelling to Bonaparte, it altered the vibration of this word to an 8, and if you refer to what I said about this number you will find on the lower plane, it represents revolution, anarchy, waywardness, conflict with human justice and on the lower plane a tragic ending to the life. Although great man, Napolen, was on the lower plane of existence as can be seen if one looks up how the number 8 (Saturn) and the 9 (Mars) dominated the chief events of his career. As Napoleon Bonaparte the two names total the number 13, which number, in the occult symbolism, which accompanies this system of letters and numbers, bears the curious picture of a skeleton with a scythe mowing men down, also a symbol of “Power” which “if wrongly used will bring destruction upon itself”.

This was so borne out by Napoleon’s career that further comment is unnecessary.

Some remarkable illustrations of the significance of names and numbers may be had from examples of ships.

Some remarkable illustrations of the significance of names and mumbers may be had from example of ships.

The Untied States battleship Maine, which so mysteriously exploded in Havana Harbour and in which every man on board was lost, gives for the word “Maine” the number 16 for its compound number, the symbolism for this number being, as you have read is “A Tower Struck by Lightning”. The mystery of the blowing up of this warship has never been solved, but it caused the declaration of war by the United States against Spain.

Yet another illustration might be taken from the fate of the Leinster, the Holyhead and Kingstown mail-boat that was torpedoed by a German submarine within sight of the Irish coast during the last months of the 1914-1918 War.

The word “Leinster” given the compound number of 28, “a number full of contradictions”, which also indicates “loss through trust in others”. This boat was carrying a large number a large number of soldiers as well as passengers, who certainly trusted their lives to others, in the belief that the boat would be accompanied by some of the destroyers from Kingstown Harbour. For some unexplained reason the order to the destroyers never came the Lienster sailed alone and in less than as hour met her fate and the loss of several hundred lies.

I know two men who at the last moment avoided going o that boat on that particular night by noticing that the compound numbers of their names made 28, the same number as the Leinster and as they had read that in this system of symbolism it is not a fortunate numer and being struck by the coincidence of the name of the boat making the same number, both men took their luggage off at the last moment and so escaped.

It is quite natural that under the tension of war people are more inclined to watch for the slightest clue that might give a warning of danger. I know of many instances where men actually saved their lives by following the clue given by this system of number. In one case a man resting by the side of his battery was amusing himself asking the birth dates of the men around him. He was startled to find that they were all born under the number 8, he himself being born on the 26th January, a number 8 man in the “period of the 8”. It had just dawned on him that the day of the month also happened to be a 8, namely the 17th February and looking up the counted the number of the battery: it was also an 8. Just then a German gun opened fire. He counted the shells as they dropped, each one coming nearer and nearer. As the seventh fell he could not resist the dread that overcome him he rushed out into the open, and as he did so, the eighth shell struck his battery- he was the only one who escaped.