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Number 1 Health

Health peculiar health troubles


The Number 1 persons have peculiar health troubles.   These people are not over-eaters and their stomach is generally healthy.  But their heart is often irregular in its function.  Heart trouble is often seen.  In the previous chapter we have seen that each person has to come under the influence of two numbers.  So the heart trouble is seen in a greater or lesser degree on the basis of the other number.  A verification of the Heart Line of the Palm will also indicate this factor.  It is also not correct to say that the Number is sure to have servere heart trouble when other counter balancing forces are seen.  When this disease is seen and balancing forces are also present this disease can be surely overcome by slight adjustment of the Name.


The next trouble is in regard to the EYE.  Sun is the source of light and eyes are the organs receiving the light rays and it is no wonder that the eye sight is generally weak with Number 1 people.   Honey and milk are good as regular items in the food.  When the Heart Line of the Hand or VI Bhava of horoscope or other relevant factors are not seen well its is better to come away from this number.  Otherwise Wealth, Position, Honour will come with Medical Bills regularly.