Fingers and Thumbs


Having formed a general opinion of the hand from its basic form and the relative prominence of the mounts, a study of the fingers provide the first more detailed prognosis of character.

Each fingers has particular importance but must also be considered as an integral part of the hand. Consideration must be given to a comparison with other fingers,length,flexibility ,knotting and proportion of the phalanges. For example,if three fingers tend to incline towards the fourth ,that will be the dominate influence ,therefor if all incline towards mercury (the little finger) an ability to communicate effectively will be dominate.


A hand with short fingers suggests intuitive gifts,a quick mind able to conquer a new subject,or person quickly.  The whole world will be seen at a glance ,often at the expense of essential details


A hand with long fingers suggests the opposite. Attention to details come naturally,without any pedantic ,qualities,intellect rules,rather than intuition.  Contrary to what their appearance suggests (short would seen more apt)they can be tenacious in a quarrel and are terrier-like in their persistence, especially in relationships.


Smooth fingers,without marked joints ,lead to an impulsive nature. Details are of no importance. Obvious facts will be ignores in favour of what the heart or impulsive brain tells them.


Knotty fingers,when the result of nature and not work or illness,suggest a keen analytical mind. No flights of fancy here. The facts matter and are addressed in a logical way. They may be inventors ,but achieve results through serious research. The lack of a spark spontaneity can blight personal relationships.


The four fingers are divided into three parts,the phalanges. The top phalanges is an indication of mind ,the middle phalanges  is concerned with practicality and the bottom phalanges with material matters.


The other general types of finger are:


The square: A downright,forthright type,loving order and decisive action,though not without foresight and consideration


The Spatulate : Suggests energy and self -confidence, though rooted in reality, making for a true confidante in difficult times.


The Conical: A true artistic sign a taker-in of all ideas and a giver-out of brilliant inspiring thoughts. An ideas person.


The Psychic: Always receptive to others,head in the clouds, but, while there,breathing in psychic and even paranormal thoughts.


The Round: As well -rounded a personality as the shape suggests, balanced in every way,and either deeply emotional or uninvolved- whatever the situation demands.


The Index or Jupiter fingers shows the need to succeed in life. It should be roughly the same length as Sun and slightly shorter than Saturn. If it is longer than Sun, there may be a touch too much self-esteem, but leadership qualities till abound. If it is shorter than sun ,there is a matching lack of self-confidence. If it veers towards Saturn there may be a tendency to possessive of people and property.


The middle of Saturn finger sits between the active digits Jupiter and thumb, and the more intuitive digits,Sun and mercury. A straight finger means harmony ,whilst veering towards Jupiter suggests extroversion, and towards sun means introversion, bordering on depression.


The Ring or Sun finger indicate artistic tendencies. A long elegant fingers is possessed by many who perform ,often accentuated by a Spatulate tip. If Sun  leans too sharpy towards Saturn ,gullibility is suggested.


The Little or Mercury finger rules communication in relationships and business. Ideally it should reach the top phalanges of the Sun finger and, when longer ,it increase the power to communicate successfully. A  short mercury finger can be an obstacle to getting ideas across or to express oneself emotionally. A slight lean towards Sun suggests diplomacy, A strong lean takes this into the realms of manipulation.


Thumbs Up


The thumb is powerful indicator of the force of personality an energy levels in general and ego in particular. The length of thumb is important.  The tip should normally reach the lower phalanges of the index finger. A long thumb indicates an  over abundance of energy of mind and body. Short thumb, where the tip falls below the base of the index finger ,suggest a complete lack of self -confidence. When reading a thumb ,care must be taken to note how it is set on the hand . A low set thumb at right angels to the palm,shows a mover and shaker. A high set thumb ,at a smaller angel originating higher up the palm means that few risk will be taken in business or personal life. The top phalanges of the thumb shows  the degree of the will power. If Spatulates as well ,this power is multiplied. The second phalanges concerns logic and reasoning. If emphatic, the ego rules,not always for the best. Self – aggrandisement of self-preservation may prove destructive. If these two phalanges are balanced, thought and action will coincide. Taken with the third phalanges ,which is the mount of Venus, the balance of the parts of the thumb can a powerful cocktail

A supple thumb shows as ability to cope, combined with general generosity. A fairly flexible thumb suggest practicality and determination,


A stiff thumb indicates stubbornes and a closed mind. Combined with unfavourable phalanges,this thumb means trouble. Combined with the stunted top phalanges and an oblong nail it can mean murder!

The classic “murder’s” thumb may not spell homicide, but it will suggest an erratic and explosive personality.

The power of the thumb is best expressed by the way it ” binds”the hand into a fist ,the ultimate expression of aggression.


Main  Lines


The line are the routes across the hand defining the routes through life. They can indicates time and space,energy and effort,love and lust,war and peace. And ,just like life,they can change over weeks and months. Destiny is not carved in stone,but shown in the living flesh of the hand. What the line represent physically has never been explained. They appear to serve no particular function ,yet are prominent feature ,together with the fingerprints,and are unique to each individual. Apart from the individual message to be gleaned from each line ,the number of lines,main and subsidiary,their clarity,the disposition over the hand and coloration have to be taken into account. It would be simplistic to assume that a hand with the few clear main lines would give a particularly clear message. Far from  it.It is the relationship of the lines,to each other and the mounts, patterning and breaks which give the deeper  message.


The Heart Line: Which cross the top of the palm ,can reflects matters of the heart emotionally and physically. A good heart line should be free of island or breaks . Originally below the mercury finger,it should curve slightly to end between Saturn and Jupiter, which shows a balance of heart and mind. If its split at the end ,this is good as it adds a touch of  practicality to the other emotions. A straight heart line suggest a fantasist ,a deeply curved one a more physical approach to life and love. If it ends short,under Saturn,more physicality is suggested. If it veers downwards towards the head line, a conflict between intellect and passion it to be expected. If veering away,or far from, the head line, impulsiveness and an unconventional approach to life is heralded.


The Head Line: Moves almost parallel to the heart line,starting at the life line. It refers to intellect and the psychological base. It can also presage mental problems. A  good head line should be clear of imperfections and end with a fork, which denotes balance between fancy and reality. A short line ,only reaching the Saturn finger,suggests a concern with pedantic ,even boring ,matters. A long line suggests a breadth of intellect and emotion. A pale line indicates that all the attributes  of the line are weakened.If it has islands, mental  problems might have to be faced. A positive sign is when it veers down towards the mount of Luna, when an almost over-fertile mind can produce fantasies of  a wonderful or horrific nature.


The Life Line: is regarded as the most important line on the hand. It begins between the thumb and Jupiter finger and arcs downwards ,defining the mounts of  Venus . As it changes over the years,reading it can be guide to health,family matters and life expectancy. To predict death is foolish,as it relationship with other lines matters much. A shorter life line is of no significance if there are good heart and head lines. In general long clear line ,sweeping to the wrist ,good health and a  mental ability cope with life’s problems. When deeply colored, excessive energy can  be added to the previous attributes If it makes fulsome are around the mount of Venus ,life will be sensual until the end. Warm relationship will abound. If it is long but faint ,nagging illness will blight life. Islands represent the setback through weakness or lack of will. Breaks ,which seems ominous,can represent only small setback or accidents.