Fortune Telling With Games

Fortune Telling With Games

Fortune Telling With Games

Most of the times, fortune telling is taken as a serious desire to know about our future and prospects, but fortune telling has another side too, where it’s being taken as a fun recreational activity that involves telling someone’s future life with the use of some fun playing games. These games can be played in a public gathering, or as a part of entertaining activities. In any case, the ultimate aim is to know about the future, prominently future love life. There’re many future-telling games, which are extremely popular and always found in a gang of future seekers. Here’s a glimpse of some of them.


Magic 8 Balls

Magic 8 ball is an extremely popular kid’s playing toy that is being used as a widespread fortune telling game. Magic 8 Ball is an oversized billiard’s 8 ball’s look alike, containing some liquid and a white floating particle with many faces. Every time someone shakes this ball, white particle shows a face containing its answer for the question asked before it had shook. Magic 8 Ball was first introduced in the market in 1950 by Mattel, Inc, which happens to be the world largest toy company. Magic 8 Ball is an extremely popular mode to find out the answers to doubts in anyone’s mind.


Tarot Cards

Tarot Cards is an old fashioned way to find the fortune, perhaps, it’s existed since the late fifteen centuries. It, basically, contains a group of cards of different suits – similar to playing cards. However, each tarot card has a different meaning, which is known to the person initiating the game. Tarot Cards involve someone who holds the Tarot Cards, and asks another to ask a question, and then picks up a card. His picked up card’s number determines the answer to the question. Notably, each Tarot Card has many different meanings, but the most viable meaning according to the question asked is revealed to the player.


Ouija Board

Ouija Board is a thousands years old fortune telling technique based in China. It involves an Ouija Board imprinting all English alphabets, numbers, yes, no, hello, goodbye, and some strange figures. Two or more players keep their two fingers on the movable indicator. When someone asks a question, this indicator moves and stops on a place, and this place spells the answer to the question asked. Many believe this is a demon’s game wherein indicator is moved by the spirit, perhaps, there’re many horror movies made based on Ouija Board.